Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fantabulous Blues

German Fashion Weeks are being held in Vanity Universe, so Isobela and I went to see what they had. As expected, it was almost all ladies fashions; boots, clothes, shoes, clothes and boots. All in all, they have about 75 different fashion stores. I bought a new suit to wear at the Savoy; Isobela bought everything else.

Later on the Fantabulous One was spinning the Blues at the Savoy Jazz Club. She does have some most excellent music and a vast library of it too. I'm really coming to enjoy getting dressed up and dancing a few times a week. Having such a great DJ makes it even better.

One of the best thing about the new property is that I get to listen to the Isobela channel on the radio whenever I want. DJ Isobela Rocks!

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