Thursday, May 15, 2008

Case: Rock on you two!

Isobela spent most of the day laboring on a secret project. I could tell you what it is, but, you know... While she was working I went out exploring. Did you know that there is a giant sea monster between the Savoy's garden and Moxie Island! I spoke with Jenda about her, and she denied ownership.

Later Isobela and I went out to Lady Kirsten's Gorean Forge. In addition to the usual swords and spears that you might expect to find in a place like that she also had a nuclear-powered submarine! It was so cool! She had even left the doors open so people could go explore inside of it.

The highlight of my day, however, was DJ Isobela Rocking the Glamshack! The Fantabulous One was filling in for DJ Bill for a few weeks. She had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a host, but the music was awesome!

Case came by, and I learned that he doesn't like saxophone polkas. Hare and Hippy stopped by, and Jo(y)ce, Hy, AC, Emedea, merry, Squiffy and her twim MortFrom, Kimberly and many many others. Plus my friend KaylaMary, who was very new here. I gave her invitation to many different groups, and when the show was over and she wanted somewhere to go chill I gave her directions to the Blarney Stone.

This was my first official host job in a club. I have been a Friendly Fire officer for a while, and the job isn't all that different. DJ Isobela was very patient with me, plus I had learned from observing real professional hostesses like Ajay. It was fun, but exhausting, just like I thought it would be. The best thing about it? DJ Isobela Rocks!

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Hare said...

You did a HAREriffic job,my friend!