Thursday, May 1, 2008


Isobela and I went shopping today. I bought some more ties and another shirt to go with them. Iso bought some dresses I think. I'm not exactly sure, but the packages sure were heavy! I saw one thing was a pleasant shade of green, so I had to go back over to the tie rack and pick out a green tie, too.

We headed over to The GlamShack to get ready for the DJ Bill and Isobela show. While they were setting up I sat on my stool and worked on my Friendly Fire Group Notices; I think they turned out pretty well. The first one had a little twist I hadn't seen done before and the second poked fun at what was put on MySpace about the show.

During the show DJ Bill made an announcement that after next week he would be taking a short leave of absence from DJing on Wednesday nights. I think it had something to do with dental work. In his place the lovely and talented Isobela will be DJing! Since I am one of DJ Isobela's foremost Groupies this is going to be Great! She has even asked me to host for her!

DJ Bill was his usual fantastic self; great tunes with funny little interludes. DJ Bill is one of the many people key in making the GlamShack the glammiest place in the Metaverse! DJ Case stopped by on the way to his show, and then I had to leave early to go get officering.

Friendly Fire was rocking the Red Rock Amphitheater. I had been there once before when I was only able to catch the end of one of their shows, so I stopped by in the early afternoon before shopping to make sure I had the directions to the place correct and do a quick site recon. I found out where the voting machine was, the venue tip jar, dance balls and also where to stand so I could watch the door for newcomers while at the same time keeping an eye on the stage.

Mack and Case had a good night, a really good night. I mean, they are always good, but they sounded especially good tonight. Perhaps it was the acoustics of all of the red rocks? Whatever the reason, when Case sang "Never fear, we can, glam some beer" during Looking for the Party it sent chills down my spine. It really got to Christal, too; she about falls over, catches her balance and says "shite that was the sweet spot!!! OMG"!

Of course they played I Love This Song! BigDan, who works at Red Rock, told us all "I love my job!". Christal didn't seem to understand until I told everyone that "I love my job, too!" and then she, and everyone else, understood how lucky we are to have jobs that involve listening to the best glam rock in the Metaverse!

My friend Jax showed up, taking time off from his busy tour schedule to enjoy some Friendly Fire. He seems to have his own secret project in the works. I'm not actively working on any of mine right now, though I do have an idea for some aquatic acoustics. A couple of my projects have turned out OK; most get shelved. When they do I just get up, stand, dust myself off and do it again!

*The Battle of Camerone occurred on 30 April 1863, between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army. In this battle the French Foreign Legion made its legend. A small infantry patrol was attacked by about 2,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry troops, and made a defensive stand at the nearby Hacienda CamarĂ³n.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

As everyone knows, behind every great DJ stands an even great host...

Tycho Beresford said...

Not to worry Isobela, I got your back!