Friday, May 16, 2008


I spent a large part of today landscaping. We made a rock bridge to the small island with hammock and hot tub on it, I planted a bunch of palm trees and other vegetation and even some underwater vegetation; a first for me.

Later Isoebla needed a break so we got cleaned up and took the Ultralight over to the Savoy to listen to DJ Bill. As soon as we arrived she had to step out for a few minutes, so I took the opportunity to jump up on stage and play Sax while Bill was on Bass and Innis on trumpet.

Brooke had shown up but couldn't find a dance partner so she left, curm showed up later with the same problem so he played piano for us. Bad timing, ya'll. After wearing our tootsies out we went back to Tidings and did some more work on doors, tunnels and secret passages. I also spent some time enjoying distant scenery, it was an especially clear night. Like is good.

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