Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bowie Arrives!

I went to Jenda's to play this cool team-Yahtzee-like game called On A Roll. It was Jenda, Isobela and I against Bill, Cat and Aeryn. We won! Isobela scored the final row to win it for us. We didn't have time to collect our forfeit, so we'll be holding over their heads for a while!

After that it was off to the Glamshack for the fantastic sounds of Friendly Fire! I love that opening Wail that Case does! Nef showed up with an oar; he had been canoing and was in such a hurry to get to the GlamShack he forgot he had it in his hand! As usual they played their Friday Night Train Wreck, a song they have never played together in their lives.

Mack's Gestures sponsored first part of the show. She will soon have gestures from Napoleon Dynamite and the Transformers, to include Battle Gestures. Fairplay Designs and Arts sponsored second part of show; a good place to go for your Mother's Day gifts! Mack and Case also talked about a new album / compilation coming out mid-summer called "Rocking in the Combat Zone". I can't wait, and sure hope it has I Love This Song on it!

Later we went dancing on the SS Galaxy; a huge ship, 600 meters long! There were many dance floors and shops and pools and staterooms that people live in and all sorts of stuff. We ended up in the Zodiac Ballroom, a huge glass sphere topside aft.

Later we continued dancing on Impact Area Beach, and as a wonderful surprise, to top off the night, we visited the Bowie and Bolan areas where our new property will be. This is going to be so cool!

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