Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DJ Hy: The Bar has been Raised

Isobela has finished the house! She spent all day working on it, and it's finally done. The last major project in it was the door. She had made these beautiful etched-glass doors with palm trees and a mermaid and the name of our estate; Tidings. I helped hang the doors, not an easy task. I also re-did pool to make it bigger, but we may not keep it; as Isobela pointed out we live on an island why do we need a pool? Now there's just the thousand and one little things to keep up with that every homeowner faces.

Tuesday means Friendly Fire at the Beach Bum. My friend Mambo the VLB Bassist showed up, and Mony was there too. I hadn't seen her in a while, but we didn't get much of a chance to talk. I Love This Song! I operated Mack's poofer even though Ajay was there; I guess it's OK for her to trigger Mack's poofer too; as long as I'm not around. curm was livening things up as usual.

Isobela had to leave the Beach Bum a bit early to get ready for her gig. It was The Savoy Jazz Club's first chance to have Isobela as it's DJ! The Fantabulous One played some music by a little band called Jesse and the Raindogs; they are very good! She played some other small artist/independent label type stuff in addition to hits by well-known artists.

Babs was the hostess, and curm passed by too. Jenda popped in for a few while on break from building on Moxie Island (next time please shower first :). Mack and Case came by and even danced together! Well ok, they danced next to each other but it wasn't like they were in a couple’s slow dance or anything like that.

The famous Blues DJ Hy was there for most of the show, he's at the Savoy on Thursdays. He and Isobela had gotten into competition trying to out-compliment the other's DJing ability. I think he got the best of her, though; when DJ Bill asked DJ Hy how DJ Isobela had done, DJ Hy said "The Bar has been Raised."


~ Rosi said...

What a great compliment, and I'm sure very well deserved. I haven't had a chance to hear the fantabulous one yet but I plan to soon!

Tycho Beresford said...

Anyone may ask me for a Fantabulous group invite if they'd like :)

Ajay said...

Thank you, Tycho, for permitting me to join in the activating of Mack's poofer.

*whew*... I was worrying about that...


Jenda Starbrook said...

I smelled just fine! THANKYOUVERYMUCH! LMAO!