Sunday, May 4, 2008


After my morning rounds I stopped by the Glamshack to help DJ Isobela and DJ Hy get her audio equipment, mixer and such, integrated with the Glamshack equipment. Luckily I arrived just after all of teh heavy-lifting was done, but everything still had to be tested. I was able to provide an extra set of ears to make sure it is all in working order. This is going to be so much fun!

I missed DJ Shayla's birthday party, but was able to get to see DJ Crighton at the Savoy. He was ably assisted by hostess Kimala. There was some great some great saxophone music, but the place is also being threatened by a giant killer squid underneath the docks! When I warned Isobela about him she said that she had helped Jenda place him there! They are two wild and crazy girls!

We headed over to the Lost Grotto to listed to Jace (JC) play guitar and sing. It was also a celebration of Isobela's cousin Midnight's birthday. Bill and Pam had played earlier; I'm sorry I missed them because last time that they played there they were a hoot. Everyone there followed the local customs; it was great. Even Jace, and his songs were very good. Plus he played way late for us, and at the end sang Happy Birthday to Midnight!

After the birthday party broke up we visited Gallery Orinoco again. There was a new display downstairs called "delusions of introspection" by DL. It was pretty freaky, body parts morphing into other body parts in unusual ways. The upstairs galleries seemed to be the same as the last time.

We have been thinking about building a grotto on our land, and was looking for ideas. There was a grotto behind the waterfall next to the Lost Grotto stage, and another one hidden back behind the shops near the clubhouse. We checked both out but came away with more ideas about what we didn't want than what we did.

We also went to Perfect Prefabs to look around at grottoes. We found a few good ones, and got some good ideas on what we will want. Being multi-level inside. is good, we'd want waterfalls inside plus it should have flat spots on top for sunbathing or watching sunsets from.

We visited yet another place that sold grottoes, but weren't very impressed by them. There was lots of other stuff there, so we were looking around and I came across one of the most amazing things that I have seen in this metaverse. I was walking up over a short rise and as I reached the top there was spread out before me a huge depression in the ground with water falling over all of the edges. Down below a giraffe was grazing, dwarfed by the scale of the falls. I scurried down and called for Isobela to follow me. It was quite a breathtaking moment.

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