Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bikers and Beach Cats

Went to see DJ Jocelyn at a brand new place, the Sugar Hill Biker's Heaven. It was a pretty cool place. They had closed off the street for dancing and had some refreshments out. I plan to go back and see how the driving is there; it looks like they had a pretty nice course.

After lunch Isobela and I took the Tester for another test-run to the Savoy. It went much better than before, but still not quite right. We took the Tester over to the Moxie furniture store and shopped a little; we are looking for some stuff suitable for company. All the guests we've had so far have chilled out on the patio with us but someday we might have visitors that actually go inside. Isobela found a nice black sofa we both liked, and she's going to ask Jenda to recover the back cushions for us.

Later we went to Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts, then over to Beach Cat Beach to look at Catamarans again. We took another test drive, and I decided to buy one. We went right back to Tidings Estate, assembled the craft, and took her for a spin. We followed our usual a route to the Savoy, and it was way cool. There were still issues with the wind, though, and on the way back I figured them out. I had some other stuff to do, and Isobela was going to the Bid For A Cure meeting, so we weren't able to test my latest theory.

We left the Beach Cat pulled up on the beach, but it kept shifting around. It was almost as if it had a like of it's own. I'm thinking we may come home one day to find it in the living room eating popcorn and watching the America's Cup. One thing about Beach Cats is that they capsize very easily. I'll have to be careful of this.

Later on Isobela and I did some more tweaking at the GOAT. I helped her with positioning pillows and seats around a small fire pit on the ridge to the left of the stage, and then she and I built a bubbling hot tub in a large, open rock on the ridge to the right of the stage. I think it turned out very well.

Isobela made me a GLAMNATION pennant to fly from the top of the Tester's main mast. I shinnied up and attached it; it looks too cool. She is so good to me. Earlier she had pit up a Jolly Rodger over the GOAT stage, then she to added a GLAMNATION pennant to it, too. Rumor on the street is that the new place might be open for business next week. I can't wait.

After getting cleaned up we headed over to the Savoy to listen to the cool Blues of DJ Crighton. Wonder of wonder the master of disguises showed up as well! She sat right down at the piano and enthralled us with her skill at tickling the ivories. Sqiffy on sax and DJ Crighton on bass completed the ensemble.

I missed all of the Friendly Fire shows today; word is that they played a new song. From all accounts it is excellent! I sure hope they play it Sunday night at the Escape Club. But for now, at the Savoy; Isobela and I danced until dawn.

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