Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cool Down

Mondays are usually cool-down days for me; time to rest and recover after a glamtastic weekend. There are usually no Friendly Fire shows on Mondays; today was no exception. I spent some time working around the property clearing out some more dance places. We're just about set with that now, though I may want to add one or two in Bowie South.

I caught the last half of Case's Rock and Roll listening party at the Glamshack. Ajay was hostessing, and called with a special, individual invitation so I headed over. All hail St. Mack for bringing Case pizza and beer while he was working (I wonder what she was wearing?) I'm not sure what was going on in the Glamshack before I arrived, but they were all like "Oh thank goodness Tycho is here to bring some stability / balance / maturity." At mikki's request I ended the show wearing assless chaps (and a thong); I think I may have blinded poor curm.

Later on Isobela and I worked on building waterfalls and fountains. I was really lucky here; she did all of the moving of the heavy rocks and stones herself. I mostly sat in my chair and gave good advice. We tuned the radio to the Isobela channel and had a great time chilling out. Life is good.

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