Sunday, May 25, 2008

Say it isn't so!

I found most of our fish, but that pesky seahorse is still eluding me. I was giving the fish classes on where they are allowed to swim and where they are not. They don't listen well. I believe I have come up with a new instructional technique that may work; I'll try it out tomorrow.

For most of the day I was busy with chores, but when I came back around to start getting for the Friendly Fire show that I was to work I received some shocking news: DJ Jocelyn was playing at the Glamshack and cursing up a blue streak! I couldn't believe it so I hurried over to see for myself.

It was true! She even admitted to it! Of course she tried to say it was justifiable, they she tried to deny it, but all night long people kept reminding her or her exact words. She was bright red the whole time!

After a bit Mack and Case too off to get ready for their show then Isobela sent out the wonderfully worded notice that she had worked up. We were getting ready to head over to the show ourselves when I received an urgent call from Mack - the show had been canceled! So Isobela scurried to send out a cancellation notice, then another notice inviting everyone to the Glamshack instead to listen to DJ Jocelyn cussing.

It's too bad the Friendly Fire show was canceled, I was really looking forward to it; but on the other hand it allowed us to stay for the rest of DJ Jocelyn's show. We all teased her mercilessly, but only because we lobe her. There were some hints of "Aren't you playing tomorrow night too Joce?" She is, on Journey Rock Band Island, right after Friendly Fire. I shan't be the first one to remind her of what she said, but I have a feeling that others may. There's always something new to look forward to.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

What was that word again?? Can someone refresh my memory?

Anonymous said...

As it turns out Tycho, you are a soothsayer ;P