Monday, May 26, 2008

Lost Grotto

I had found a little store called B2B Designs that specialized in body painting. They had many interesting was to cover what was supposed to be coved using eagles wings, faces painted on bodies etc. I though Isobela might like browsing their designs so I invited her over; she was like "WOW OMG Holy Cow!" "What a way to spread eagle!" Quite an interesting store.

I worked some on a couples dance area near new GlamShack and was quite pleased, I think it is better than the one they have in the current Glamshack. It includes Ballroom and the infamous Dance #7 that Jocelyn introduced me to. I'll have to add one to GOAT when that is further along. I was also able to get my fish trained to swim where they are supposed to, but still missing a clownfish and the seahorse.

Friendly Fire was playing in the Escape Club. Isobela and I had arrived a little early and were listening to the radio, which was tuned to some oldies channel. That opening wail of Case's really gets the blood pumping. curm showed up with a new hair-doo, a most becoming shade of green. Mack and Case sang I Love This Song, but with their usual impeccable timing it was sung during the time I had to be sending out the mid-show notices; five for this particular venue.

DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy took over from Friendly Fire with Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness, tonight's theme was a Sugar Sweet Candy show. There was some discussion on which Jocelyn would show up today; the potty-mouthed one or the regular one. Turns out it was the regular one. I resisted the temptation to repeat what she had said the night before. I don't think too many else in the house resisted, mikki led the throngs with that chant.

I missed the majority of Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness to go listen to Joaquin at the Savoy with Isobela. There was a problem with the dance floor so Isobela and I hung out on the dock and listened. He is quite good. When he was done DJ Cataplexia and Host Taliesin took over and played some awesome tunes. The dance floor was fixed by the so Isobela started sutting the rug. Have I mentioned that she is a fantabulous dancer?

Halfway through Cat's show we heard that Vaughan was playing in the Lost Grotto so we said out goodbyes and headed over. When we arrived he was playing Junk Food Junkie; it's been years since I've heard that song! That might make for a good Friday Night Train Wreck.

There was a very large crowd; the biggest one I've ever seen there. He has a cool following; they were very much more amenable to local customs that the followers of many other groups. While I was initially not ecstatic about his music the crowd participation made it a really enjoyable experience.

Some of his long-time followers started playing a little game after he went over-time; for each extra song he sung they took off items of clothing. Most of the visitors stopped when they had one item left, and then cheered on Lanna as she took off layer after layer of the vast formal gown she had shown up in. A very good time was had by all. The Lost Grotto rocks.

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