Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday chicaHope!

I had a very busy day with working on the new land in between everything else. This morning a made a campfire pit on Tester Island and set up a tent, and on the small Island to the east of it I put of a hammock and dug out this sunken hot springs hot tub.

Friendly Fire was playing at JSP Island at 11am again. There's always a packed house so I made sure to get there early. Allister was on before Mack and Case and played good, popular songs with nice technique. There were some minor technical glitches for Mack and Case to work through when it was their turn, but all in all they did their usual Glamtastic job. They only played I Love This Song! once, but played another good one, Cardiac City, twice.

Mikelec was on after Friendly Fire; he was having some major glitches so after while I headed back to the property to do some more building. I arrived there to find a virtual housing disaster - all of the terrain was raised by like two meters across the entire property! Hours and hours of work were destroyed; it really sucked. It was almost like the sea level had somehow risen, so the land raised itself to keep pace.

I went up to the skybox and groused around some, but I couldn't stay down for long because Friendly Fire was playing on Journey Rock Band Island! Mack and Case had never played there, and it had been a while since I had been there, but the place was pretty much the same. I did notice one awesome tweak, though. Remember those two big electrical towers? Well they put up a diving platform on one of them! It's an easy 100 yards above the water so you can do all sorts of dives, and at the bottom of the ocean there's a shortcut to get back atop the tower again.

The Escape Club on Journey Rock Band Island has significantly better acoustics and electronics than the beach stage at JSP Island; it was fitting for fantastic rockers like Friendly Fire. There were 2 Cisco's there, and 2 Gunny's, but only one Tycho. Sometimes there are up to three Tycho's, but that's usually at Club Casa Blanco.

Mack and Case played I Love This Song!, and I've noticed that people are starting to get real quiet whenever it is played. We all just sit back and listen. It was chicaHope's birthday, so Case and Mack sang Happy Birthday to her. I took charge of Mack's poofer during Glam Me A Beer.

Next up was DJ Jocelyn with Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness. There was no Tracy but Argus helped out with stuff. The theme was songs with female vocalists in honor of Mother's Day. We stayed for a while, and even though Joce was playing great tunes we wanted to hear Joaquin at the Savoy so we headed over.

Joaquin's from Argentina and has a very unique accent and manner of speech. He also plays incredible music. The new Moxie island has changed the complexion of the Savoy, it will be good when Moxie is finished. DJ Bill followed Joaquin so we stayed and listened to him for a while.

We chatted all the while and worked on plans, and other plans; on plans for plans, and how to make plans, and of course how to make plans for plans. Isobela is very thorough; and quite a blast. Making Tidings is going to be so much fun!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

ACCK!!! ya took a picture of "The Tester" with our unfinished house in the background??? Good Grief, next time move the house! hugs -snickers, I would of!

Tycho Beresford said...

I did consider that; but I figured that many moons from now when it is paradise we might want to look back and see what it was like in the beginning.