Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Luck!

DJ Isobela was spinning fantabulous tunes at the GlamShack. PhoeixRizing stopped by on her first day in the Metaverse; she wanted to go exploring but I made sure that she joined the Glamnation group so she could find her way back later. Spencer stopped by on his first day too, plus Franky; plus a 2 day old and a three day old. It was strange to see so many new citizens in the GlamShack.

Joce stopped by and started speaking in her Typonese, so we all made fun of her. But only because we Lobe her. I got a very nice slap for starting the teasing, too! Tracy blessed me with a slap later, also. I forget what I did to deserve it but it was certainly worth it.

Friendly Fire played after DJ Isobela had things warmed up. The Friday Night Train Wreck was Stay With Me; they did a pretty good job with it! There were many compliments from the crowd, The master of disguises Alaska showed up for her first Friendly Fire concert! Woot!

Of course they played I Love This Song, and of course Mack forgot her poofer again. Rosi showed up and was sporting a new look - she didn't have her tray/hat on!

DJ Hy kept the party rolling when Mack and Case were finished, but I wasn't able to stay for his show. Later on I went to Starbrooks Coffeehouse with Isobela and played three games of On a Roll. I won the first two 3-0 and 3-2; she won the last one 1-3 but only because she had 3 Yahtzee's, the only ones that either of us had all night! She has incredible luck, but then, so do I.

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