Friday, May 30, 2008


The name GOAT has been approved by St. Mack; Isobela is now working on a logo for it on top of all the other work she has been doing around there. What a fantabulous rocker! I spent some time trying to figure out how to get better winds for sailing, and I think I've found just the right wind setter for sailing and racing. Speaking of which, Hy still has his puny little bath-tub toy of a boat in my spot at the new GlamShack's dock. I wonder if my tarn is strong enough to carry it off?

The New GlamShack is just about ready; the stage is in place, pictures on the walls, sound system tested and hookahs are next to the stage. As soon as they move my stool over from the old place we'll be ready to Rock and Roll! Woot!

Jenda stopped by as we were working on the GOAT. She had a bottle of something for Isobela, but it didn't seem too sanitary. In return I gave her a lounger that I had extras of; maybe she can use it as a model or template for something she builds. She also found a somewhat unique chair that she said was just her size!

Friendly Fire was playing their Friday-eve gig at Club Casa Blanco and the walls were on fire! I hope someone had called the fire department! In any case, all was well with everyone in the place because Mack and Case sang I Love This Song! Mack also saw a delirious beaver somewhere, but no one else did. Except maybe Fluffy.

I was in a quandary; Ajay was on duty but I was there too, so who should trigger Mack's poofer? Well it turns out that it didn't matter because Mack forgot it again! Luckily Case and I had ours and merrily poofed away.

Later Isobela and I did some quality assurance work on our dance pavilion in the mountains of Elfie Island. Everything was working well, though the curtains blowing in the sea breeze did sometimes get in the way. Finally it was to the Savoy, carefully avoiding the mugger swans, to listen to the smooth Jazz of DJ Hy, including a Joan Armatrading song he had just found. Coolness. Life is good.

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