Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Falls

Isobela invited me to see her waterfall today. She led me over a bridge and through a small cave to a beautiful beach on a peaceful bay, and then I looked to my right. From mountain heights a beautiful waterfall was flowing right next to a stream of lava from a volcano! The lava and water vapor made for an almost constant rainbow. It is simply incredible. There is a small thatch overhang on the beach with two chairs in it for us, and across the way we can see the neighbor's gazebo on a hilltop. She has created a wonderful retreat.

We were blessed to have such a wonderful retreat because there were horrid traffic problems all over the place. We couldn't go anywhere that our feet couldn't take us. I tried a chopper but it locked up after a minute and auto-rotated to the ground. So we got dressed up and headed over the the Savoy.

The view is very nice from the deck of the Savoy now; the new Moxie store has some fantastic landscaping. Moxie Island is coming along well, I hope they'll be open for business soon. It seems almost everyone is building things nowadays. Well almost everyone; two prominent families had to resort to buying manufactured homes. We still love them, even so.


Case said...

"...two prominent families had to resort to buying manufactured homes. We still love them, even so."

Hahahahahahaha :) MacKenzie went shopping for houses so I am indulging her for now on the prefab, but I am already plotting a proper custom built residence :)

Regardless, when the property values go down, you'll know who to blame ;)

Ajay said...

Prefab is perfectly lovely :P

For me, the fun is still in the decorating. We need to do a tour of homes or something for those who wish to participate so everyone can have a look at everyone else's digs. Our estate now has three houses up on it: my cottage on my 512, his house on his tract, and our house on the remainder of the property.

Okay, four if you count the tree house. We're weird... what can I say?

Case said...

Sign us up for a house tour! It can be like one of those New Orleans walking tours where you have a different drink at each stop ;)