Monday, June 2, 2008


Friendly Fire was playing at Escape Club headlining the kick off of Bid 4 a Cure, a Diabetes Foundation charity event. All of their tips were donated to this worthy cause. They also sang a brand-new song, written just yesterday, called 23 Skidoo! It was very good, though in my personal opinion I think Love This Song! is a little better still. They also played Cadillac City, though Case always gets the name of that song wrong for some reason.

Mack finally remembered to bring her poofer! Isobela, or somebody took the controls for my poofer so I could operate Mack's. Thanks, whoever you were! We were also blessed to have a celebrity amongst us, Innis related how Arsinoe won the metaverse Golf Championship!

Friendly Fire will be auctioning themselves off as part of the month-long Bid 4 a Cure events. Ajay suggested all of the Friendly Fire officers band together to bid on Mack and Case. Isobela asked what we would do with them if we won, quite a good question. I thought we might pay them not to play, but curm wanted Case in his dungeon, in chains. Hmmm, comer to think of it, we could win them and give them to curm and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

DJ Joceyln Sands, the driving force behind Bid 4 A Cure, took over after Mack and Case. Oh, and I think Tarcy was around somewhere, too. In addition to playing her usual fantastic mix of tunes DJ Joce talked about all of the events that will be going on during the month. In addition to auctions for live artists and DJs, many builders and designers are donating items and works of art. The 'tip jar' for Bid 4 A Cure is syringe-shaped and was made by Adrian. We share syringes when it comes to donating to Bid4

Later Isobela and I went shopping at LVS & Company. I had seen some nice tuxes there and needed a second opinion. Both had black coats and pants, colored vest and a white ruffled shirt, we decided on the one with the longer tails. What was really cool about this place was that once you bought a tux with one color vest you could get the other colored vests individually; you didn't have to buy a whole new set just to get a different colored vest like some other places do.

I ended up with a tux with red, green and blue vests. They also had many ladies dresses in colors that perfectly match the men's vests; Isobela bought a green one. We went home and tried them on and bot did we look spiffy! We'll be wearing them on the Tester to the Savoy so they might get a little saltwater on them; I sure hope they aren't dry-clean only!

We almost went to the Savoy, but it was rather late; a brand new work was was about to start. I had a short, but very happy day in the Metaverse. Plus, Case is a guitar god and his new song 23 Skidoo rawks!

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Case said...

I really like the new sign at the Glamshack! We discussed last night putting one up in the bedroom with encouraging slogans, like "I hate a headache" and "go to sleep"!