Sunday, June 15, 2008

I said to myself

Isobela needed some more promotional pictures of herself for her DJing gigs, so I tagged along while she took them. I took a few snaps myself, but hers turned out so much better.

Later we visited the Cyber Licious Exotic Art Galleri. This was the art gallery that Isobela had stumbled upon while we were clothes shopping the other day; oddly enough I had saved the directions to the place. It was smaller than I had first though, but very nice all the same. Isobela especially liked the black & whites, and I had to agree.

There was a couple of statues there that looked pretty cool. I read their note card and found out that their creator has a store called Rome Depot. When we finished at the gallery we headed over there. They had the statues that we liked, and many others.

There were also many greco-roman columns and other architectural pieces for sale that Isobela was interested in. And of course pools and fountains, which reminded us that we have a sauna on Elfie Beach that we have never used. There were a couple of good shows going on in the evening, but with the crazy few weeks leading up to the new GlamShack's opening and the chaos of opening night we decided we needed a break.

The sauna is hidden behind a waterfall in a wonderful little grotto that Isobela created. It's an amazingly peaceful, restful place. It was especially cool with a whole crowd of people 100 yards away listening to DJ Joce in the GlamShack. We had a wonderful time soaking and chatting and enjoying the wonderful world that we live in. Life is good.

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