Monday, June 9, 2008

Kids Nowadays

I wandered by the new GlamShack today to check on progress and stepped into the middle of an owner’s meeting. They said it was OK for me to stay; they had already talked about me. Mack mentioned that Case hadn't seen the dock area yet, so I hung around to see his reaction to Isobela's powerboat. After the meeting he and Mack went to look. He didn't say much, though Mack said "I thought something that big had to come from one of you guys!"

I missed Innis' comedy show; the time zone thing threw me off. I've pretty much gotten a handle on addition, but that subtraction thing is a killer. I was able to make it over to We Will Meet Again beach on Journey Island to hear DJ Farr, ably assisted by his hostess the lovely and talented Argus. It was almost all the Journey regulars there. They were having a contest for Best in Yellow; I put my Corona hoodie with the Case sleeves on to fit in, but didn't join the contest as I arrived so late. Cisco won for the guys with a giant banana costume and Gunny won for the gals in a yellow track-suit looking thing.

Later on Isobela and I did some more clothes-shopping for me; I didn't get anything this time but did see some really nice stuff at Husky GFX. When we were done there we had trouble getting transportation home, so Isobela suggested we try from the area next door. When we walked over we found the most amazing art gallery! I hope to write about it in a future update; how she finds places like this amazes me.

Friendly Fire was playing their normal opening for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness in the Escape Club. Mack and Case were donating all of their tips to Bid 4 A Cure Ya know that line Case sings that goes ""Still have the capacity to Surprise!"? Well Mack sure surprised us tonight; she showed up in Purple Hair!

Mack had remembered her poofer, and Isobela got into the poofing too! Poofs were ricocheting off the walls, left and right, endangering life and limb! I'll have to re-think their effective range and possibly distribute an update.

Friendly Fire played 23 Skideaux and I Love This Song! Those are almost mandatory nowadays. Megan's boyfriend Peenut, who we've heard so much about, finally made an appearance with her. Instead of dancing with him the crazy girl went zooming around the club with her arms outstretched, pretending she was a jet airplane! Kids nowadays; jeez!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness was hosted by Jendalicious tonight, plus of course the fantastic music was provided by the incomparable DJ Jocelyn. No real theme that I can recall, just alot of good Rock. There was some minor speculation about whether she would she or wouldn't she drop an F-Bomb again; I don't think that will happen again anytime soon.

Isobela and I caught most of her show then headed out to listen to Heath play piano in Club Neptune at the bottom of Angel Shark Shallows. He put on a wonderful show as always, but Isobela and I were the only ones dancing! They have re-done Club Neptune making it much bigger and better, and that giant octopus still hovers outside watching everyone.

We hardly ever get to hear Heath, so each time is a treat. This show was advertised as one of the old-fashioned ones, so I'm guessing he has a new format, too. It would be good to get to see him more, but things have been so hectic lately. By the end of the month things should be easing off. There is always something to look forward to, plus there are always new and exciting adventures popping up. I love this place. Life is good.

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