Thursday, June 19, 2008

Glam me an Elevator!

Jenda stopped by and helped us with some paperwork dealing with our land ownership. Everything is cool now, Isobela can stop worrying. And harassing. And complaining. Jenda Rocks!

I went shopping for more medieval stuff. Window-shopping, mostly. I'm thinking about buying a set of field plate and barding. Good ones are very expensive so I'm looking around and finding out all I can about them. It's a challenge, though; some of the stores seem to go out of their way to stop you from getting to their showrooms!

DJ Isobela was plating at the new and improved GlamShack for her regular Wednesday night show. We've pass the tipping point towards our Friday slide into the weekend! It was extremely quiet the first hour, the Friendly Fire show likely taken most of our potential customers. Master of Disguises Alaska stopped by for a little bit to check out the new digs, and Avimia hung around for a bit too.

Mack and Case showed up after their show, plus Dee, Ajay, Timmmy, Troll and Amanda, and a couple of others. Someone had put some money in the Sploder, and a bunch of us followed suit, but the dern thing malfunctioned! Well, it either malfunctioned or that The Tracy fiddled with it so as not to pay out. It was stopped up good, I tried my MP5 on it, full auto, plus flaming arrows and nothing would get it to dislodge those coins! Our world isn't perfect, but it is home.

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