Sunday, June 29, 2008


This morning I went to listen Joaquin, who is from Argentina, playing live in the Blarney Stone. I hadn't been there in a while, and didn't recognize many of the people. Eria, Otawan were there, but Otawan couldn't stay too long. Phooka was hostess, and did a good job, but those Dubliners still have so many extra tips jars festooning their venues; it bothers me whenever I go there any more. Emmie showed up later, and it was good to see her.

I worked on my secret project some more; I'm making progress but have kinda branched off. I've made something but still need to work on what I originally intended. I tested my creation in a deserted GlamShack to make sure it wouldn't hurt anyone too badly too often.

I went to see DJ Arcadian and LauraJill in the GlamShack. Isobela was there, and we really cut the rug. LauraJill said that we would SOOOO win Dancing with the Stars! I'm not sure if they originally had a theme for the show, but when I got there it was wet t-shirts. The Tracy noted that while Jocelyn may have a nice belly button, Isobela should be congratulated on having most excellent, um, other parts of her anatomy thus revealed.

We left there, and after quickly changing into dry clothes headed over to the TryLine Sports Bar in Dublin to listen to DJ Ajay! She has an amazing voice! She played fantastic music, but I think she needs to speak on the microphone more. I can see why Mack and Case nicknamed her giggles, though.

Later Friendly Fire was playing at Club Fantasies on Island Fantasies. Johnny99 was up before us; he does some excellent guitar work. It looked like Cher was hostessing for him, but I'm not sure. Before the show Mack and Case teased us by announcing that they would have a surprise for us; when they started playing they told us that they had a brand new song for us!

The song is called It's My Time. It's a little slower than their usual fare, almost bluesey, but still up to the high Friendly Fire standards. Everyone loved the song; Isobela: "Case your sounding soooooo Damn hot and SEXYY"; Ajay: "okay, yes, this song officially rocks :)"! My favorite is still I Love This Song!, but this one is up there. Oh, and I spoiled Megan at the show, at least according to her.

This show was also the debut of new GLAM Poofer. Mack called it "the poofer waterfall thingie;" a fairly good description. It sort of blankets the whole area in GLAM poofs instead of having them come from a point location. Crowd reactions: "that freaking rocks", "awesome!!!!", "Ok you have so outdone your self", "very very cool".

Mack brought her poofer this time and I was racing back and forth operating them both; need to work on the controls. Ajay was reminiscing after the show and noted " First the new song, then the awesomeness that is that uber-poofer thingie!" Thus I think I have a name for it: The Uber-Poofer. It still can use a couple of tweaks I think, but will try it in a few more places to see how it goes.

We left Club Fantasies and headed straight to the GlamShack for the DJ Jocelyn and Ajay show. It was a Pajama party / meet and greet for the auctionees at the Bid 4 A Cure date auction tomorrow. My friend Shankar was there, I hadn't seen him in ages. Freestar threatened me for quoting her just a little out of context; Ajay told her to get in line. Freestar and Vicky were at the Shack for the meet and greet; I don't think they had been there before. They really added to the fun in group conversations; I hope they come back soon.

After the show Isobela and I visited SunnTee Arts, an amazing sculpture and painting gallery, Later we went to Dragon Moon and walked the shoreline around the entire island enjoying the company of the dragons there. We didn't get to the interior as it had gotten very late; that is still on our list of things to do. Another wonderful day.

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