Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gulls and Glam

I had been pretty upset about my seagull flying off last night, so I went back to Animania to get another. I was very careful when releasing this one, and he took to the air like a champ! He was flying lazy circles over the inlet, carefully away from both the Tester and the patio. I'm gonna have to be careful when I go to get my surf board, though.

A little while later I heard a noise looked up and there was a second seagull there! The one from yesterday had come back! I guess he just wanted a friend. That got me to thinking, and I looked under water and sure enough there were two seahorses there, too! I guess most things do better in pairs, but I'm a little hesitant to get another shark. The one we have now has been very well behaved, despite our false accusations of seahorse-snacking, and I don't want to push our luck.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching Elven lands and lore. I visited many different areas and am starting to get a good feel as to what they are about. Isobela called me away, though; they had put in a new dock for the new GlamShack and wanted to see how the Tester and Hy's boat - I need to find out her name- fit there. Well they fit fine, after a little dredging work.

After that we all went to the Bid 4 A Cure rehearsal at the DJ Hangout to listen to DJ Jocelyn. All the plans seem to be coming along; more artists signing up, donation syringes in more locations, and plans for the auctions being finalized.

Later Isobela went back to working on the new GlamShack. I went off for more research and eventually found myself in the Elf Heartlands watching an arena tournament. The combatants were limited to using magi staves to bonk each other into submission with. There were only about 16 people there, maybe half of them for combat. The rest were support staff for the tournament such as referees or healers, or spectators like myself.

There were good-sized cash prizes for the first three places; it's too bad I didn't get here in time to sign up or I may have had a shot at one. Plus, the contestants were provided weapons for the fight to make sure they were even, and they were allowed to keep the weapons! Very cool. Funtastic beat out Bomberbomb for first place, with Varvara coming in at third.

Isobela had managed to join me for the last part of the tournament. Later we went shopping at Kayliwulf Kingdom and picked up some demo items. Then it was back home for more work on skybox hot tub; it seemed to have sprung a leak, and is having other problems as well. We probably should use it more.

We officered for the Friendly Fire show at BBA ALL-STARS FASHION EXPO 2008 In support of Relay for Life. DJ Shayla had played a double shift before Mack and Case because the schedule act between hers and theirs couldn't make it; what a trooper. Isobela had written the group notices for the show and the initial one had Case blinking!

The Expo was all over the place, but the show itself was at a nice, open-air place called Club Usonia. Mack was at the top of her game as was the guitar god. Of course they played 23 Skideaux and I Love This Song! Mack even remembered her poofer, between the three of us the place was fully poofed!

The crowd language got a little out of hand though, very immature. These nice ladies were trying to raise money for cancer research by selling some clothes that they had made and some asshole has to go and be a jerk in front of them. I was ashamed.

Shelindrea sang country and western after Friendly Fire; Isobela and I hung around for a little of that then headed out. We had a very productive evening, significantly improving our dancing skills. I can't wait to show them off in the new GlamShack. We learned three Tangos, a waltz, plus three fancy dances called Suede, Bowled Over, and Push Me Pull You.

Case had sent a message that he has a new boat, so when we got back to Bowie we went to take a look. Unfortunately, even though it was brand-new, it had sprung a leak. Isobela and I patched the leak as best we could so it wouldn't sink, but there is still some water in the cockpit.

With all of these boats docked at the GlamShack Isobela decided to put hers there too. They were kinda running out of dockage, so Isobela double-parked next to Case's boat with her boat; and also double-parked next to Hy's boat, and had some overhang on both ends. Isobela's boat has like twelve of those Space-Shuttle engines on it. When she takes it for a spin, the whole world rocks!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

I didn't realize it was so big....

Tycho Beresford said...

I hear that alot :)

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

and um babe, my seahorses are MIA again. :(