Monday, June 16, 2008

Bid 4 Goodies!

The last stop on my rounds this morning was the new GlamShack. While I was there I put a diving board, well really a diving platform, on the dock facing east towards the small lagoon. This was quite a feat as my second-to-last stop was Starbrooks Coffee House. Do you have any idea how difficult testing a triple-flip is without spilling any of your cappuccino?

The Bid 4 A Cure Goods and Services Auction was on Journey Island today. They had set up a small stage and podium in the middle of the dance floor and Isobela was up there doing all of the auctioneering. It was very difficult work, requiring constant attention to details and planning ahead while working the crowd, and she sailed on through it without breaking a sweat. I am so proud of her!

I was able to win the main thing that I (Isobela) wanted from the auction, the DJ Bill /DJ Crighton two hour private party in the Savoy Jazz Club Skybox! It was rough; I was in a bidding war with Hy but managed to edge him out. We'll probably invite him, along with Hare who happened to mentioned that she liked Jazz too!

I also bid on and won a Body Doubles Gift certificate. Mack prompted me to bid on this one; I have no idea why but it was for a good cause so I did. The third thing that I won was an Aphrodite Bedroom set from Ambiance Interactive Furnishings. Isobela had mentioned that she liked it, but had concerns about the weight of all of the items that the set contains. We'll just have to see once we unpack it.

The surprise bid of the show, at least for me, was L$80,000 for a show by Maximilian! During the Friendly Fire auction I started the bidding at 25 but LCdr Rosinante quickly raised it to 27, too rich for me. She eventually won them for a fairly steep price, but then a personal show by Mack and Case is a bargain at any price!

Hare won Adrian's amazing, one of a kind sculpture. I had started the bidding off, but she really, really wanted it! Farr won DJ Jocelyn, or at least a show by her. Mack won this awesome guitar, a hand-crafted Thadovian that I had wanted also. I'll have to pass by his shop and see if he has any others. Cataplexia beat me out for this lovely black satin dress. Someone in the crowd said that it would probably have made my butt look big anyway, but I wasn't bidding on it for me, honest!

My friend Viola showed up near the end of the show; it was real good to see her again. There were many people that I hadn't seen in a while showing up. Journey Island was an ideal place to hold the event, it was able to handle the crowd without any complaints that I heard of people not being able to get in.

Towards the end of the auction the items for bidding were all out of order from the program; it seems like we may have missed one or two. The auction sure took a long time, too; I think people started to get tired. Maybe we should break up the good and services into two auctions next year?

The Friendly Fire show was postponed because the auction lasted much longer than expected. It didn't look like DJ Jocelyn's Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness would be happening either, when the final gavel was swung Farr just turned on the radio. Everyone who had been there the entire time was simply exhausted. We went straight home and crashed. Another wonderful day.

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