Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ivy: They eloped in full view!

The Fantabulous One was working at the GlamShack, spinning out the Rock fast and furious! It was the last show for DJ Isobela at the GlamShack in Joiner; her next gig will be opening the brand-new GlamShack in Bowie! DJ Crighton will have the very last show in the old GlamShack on Thursday, as long as he can dodge that nasty weather that is.

We had a light crowd at first, very light, so Isobela and I were chatting. We were mostly chatting about our upcoming nuptials, a common topic nowadays. We had no solid plans, and I mentioned that the extended engagement was starting to bother me. She had the gall to say that she was waiting on me, so as she was troubleshooting some of her DJ stuff I got a Justice of the Peace on the line and got everything ready.

By now Hy, Mack, Case and Yesika were in the Shack. When Isobela had fixed the problem with the sound system I asked her if she was sure, then conferenced in the Justice and we did the deed! We're now officially hitched! I looked at her name on my profile, then my name on hers, and back and forth about a million times. She has made me so incredibly happy.

I couldn't keep it a secret, so I whispered to Hy to check out my profile where he saw what we had done. I was hoping that he would spread the good news around, but I didn't make myself clear. The next time that Isobela gets on the microphone she mentions it, though, and everyone freaks out. Case immediately puts the word out on the Glamnation and Friendly Fire teletypes, and a crowd of well-wishers was passing through the rest of the night.

Case: "I now pronounce you Rock and Roll." Willa: "Awwwwww! sooooo sweeeet!" Ajay is picking her jaw up from the floor. Case: "Rock on you two, very happy for you!" Yesika: "That was beautiful!" Isobela: "OMG we eloped to the GLAMSHACK!"

Ever the professional, DJ Isobela was hawking the Bid 4 A Cure charity drive. curm mentioned that he had said he would help months ago, but hadn't heard anything since. This led us to come up with an updated list of Auctionees (carefully validated by Mack): Jocelyn, Rosie, Farr, Argus, Case, Mack, Jenda, Tracy, Anutte, Isobela, Tycho, Arcadian, Curmudgeon, Ajay, Adrian, Freestar, MiaSnow, Vicki, Throughthesewalls and Maximillion.

Bid 4 A Cure is not only for a good cause, it is alot of fun. Well, it's fun as long as you haven't been running yourself ragged over it like Isobela and Padula have. Anyway, with the cast of characters we had in the shack things soon degenerated into "I'm going to win you at auction and do {this}!" "Oh yeah? Well I'm going to win you and do {this!}!"

curm was pretty jealous; turns out that he was about to propose to me! We agreed to put off pursuing that until another life. Actually I think the agreement was for a third life. In this life, I am now complete. I am ecstatic, overjoyed, and the luckiest man in the Metaverse!

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

The Glamshack can be compared to an Elvis Chapel in Vegas.... Minus the King for the wedding minister, but we had Case Munro, which is just as good as The King!