Monday, June 23, 2008

Svarga, Svarga

Immediately after the Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival was over Friendly Fire was playing at the Escape Club on Journey Rock Band island. We all had to race over to make it on time, and Isobela and I changed into our Officer uniforms once we arrived there.

The Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk showband (Mack and Case) told us that there would be no songs repeated from their previous show, but their first and last two songs are signature so they played those as usual. Plus of course they played I Love This Song! If they hadn't there likely would have been a riot. Poofer duty was all mine this time. All in all it was yet another high-energy, high-humor and high-fashion extravaganza!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness starring DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy followed Friendly Fire. The theme was One-Hit Wonders. Isobela and I stayed foe a while, but we were pretty burnt out after our long day. We headed back to the GOAT to check up on things and ran into a disturbing situation; the same guy that was a jerk at the Relay for Life benefit show was acting out at there. We tag-team talked to him, and Hy showed up and gave him a piece of his mind, too. I don't think he'll be showing back up there.

We went back home and changed, then headed over to Svarga. I had heard people talk about the place, but had never been there myself. They had a tour device like Africa has, but instead of a balloon it was more like a two-place bench seat. It gave us a good overview of places that we wanted to explore more later; the falls were especially cool.

In Africa and the Rain Forest yesterday the focal points were places where there were amazing things to see; in Svarga the focal points were generally scenic overlooks so that you could enjoy all of the things in the area. One exception to this was the Oracle, he was hidden in an underground chamber. We both paid for reading, and they were pretty good summations of our day. Above the Oracle there was a small plaza with a very nice fountain.

Another exception was the AmbiPod. They had small vehicles that would take you up into it, and back down when you were ready. The AmbiPod was totally awesome; we were floating in space enjoying music and lights. Looking up at the sky and watch the stars shifting, meteors, suns going nova far off in many different colors. Slack-jawed amazement.

Of course we had to go shopping in the Svarga store before we left. Isobela was especially interested in their ready-built fountains and the parts you could use to build your own. While we were there who should wander in but Cheyenne! How totally amazing! She had just gotten back from vacation and had stopped by to pick up a few things for her new renters. She and Isobela immediately started chatting while I futilely tried to get a word in edgewise. It is truly a small metaverse that we are so blessed live in. Life is good.

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