Monday, June 23, 2008

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival!

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival was a resounding success. This morning when I woke up there was name-tag detritus scattered all about the place from where Isobela had been up all night working on things. I wasn't exactly sure if any of it would be needed so I left things the way they were and headed over to the Glamnation Open Aire Theatre.

The GOAT was sparkling new and as fresh as always; the sea breezes keep it that way plus do a number of the pirate flag over the stage. Hy moved the big radio from the GlamShack to outhouse, the one without the paper. The lack of paper helped to keep the lines down so that he was able to get in there and switch things over between acts.
The musicians and DJs will be playing from the open-air stage, but the arrival point is right next to the GlamShack so there was some confusion at first among visitors as to where the show was. Isobela quickly whipped up some signs and placed them so people were funneled through the art displays and to the GOAT stage.

Jackdog was the first musician on stage. He drew a very nice crowd to start things off, and very nice crowd stayed throughout. The ticket counters said that we had a high of 66 people there at one time! After Jackdog was finished DJ Isobela took the mic and played some beach music for us. Her reminisces about her days as a valley girl surfer chick were quite amusing.

Digby small followed DJ Isobela, and DJ Hy after him. Freestar sang for us after DJ Hy. Freestar also had a display of artwork up. Most of the art had signature copies for sale, but some were one-of-a-kind originals that had contact information for the artist for interested buyers. This was my first time seeing Freestar and I was very impressed; she is quite charismatic. She also sang her Alien Love Song, and I got the t-shirt!

DJ Jocelyn was up next with her usual fantastic show, then she hung around on stage to ogle Mikelec as he sang. Jocelyn referred to the three acts that followed her as an Orgasmic lineup, her 3 favorite groups in the Metaverse. Mikelec had some cool original music and is another one who is good with the crowd. He got a little confused at one point, but Jocelyn straightened things out by telling everyone that "TODAYS' MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL WAS PUT TOGETHER BY THE FANTABULOUS ISOBELA"!

Virtual Live Band followed Mikelec with their own amazing show. It took them a little bit to set up all of their gear after Mikelec cleared his stuff. We had originally planned to have DJs in between each live act so that the stage would be easier to clear and set up, but there were some last-minute changes and the last three acts were all live. When the Virtual Live Band started they really rocked the house. The video screen they had set up was quite cool.

Friendly Fire was the band chosen to close out the nine hours of music at the all-day celebration. The co-owners and musical organizers could not have made a better choice. Ajay and Rosi were the officers for the show; Ajay and her chim found some high ground to stay as a focal point while Rosi worked her way through the crowd swagging the lot of them. They are quite a good team. Our newest officer Dee was around for most of the day and helped out, too.

The Friendly Fire music was simply stunning. They have an extensive collection of songs to choose from, and they carefully orchestrate the order of their chosen songs to create an immersive audio/visual experience. The metaverse is blessed to have them in it. Of course they played I Love This Song! I helped out with Poofer duty some, though either Mack or Ajay handled most of it.

Isobela saw 5 of her cousins at the show, including Stormi; it was almost a family reunion! Hy brought a pet goat to wander the GOAT and help keep the grass cut. Hopefully he'll leave the ornamentals alone. Hmmm, I wonder what Hy named him?

The Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival was everything that I thought it would be and more. I just wish that I had a chance to mingle with the people browsing the artwork so that I could join in their comments and enjoy the art with them. Isobela said that things went better than she could of imagined. The Solstice Festival rocked Bowie. Isobela Rocks the entire Metaverse. I am so proud of her! As Case said on air at the end of the show, "Isobela, Ya Done Good!"

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Thank you so much for all of your positive support!!
I couldn't of done it with out your support and love, or the support of the owners of Glamnation!
I love ya babe!!