Sunday, June 22, 2008

This place is so cool²!

We spent most of the morning and afternoon getting ready for the Summer Solstice Music and Arts Festival. There were meetings and a lineup change, and helping the artists place their artwork in the area between the GlamShack and the GOAT. Adrian's sculpture is way cool; I bought a copy of it for Isobela right after it was available!

Much of the time was spent hanging out and waiting for artists. Squid was late with his work as usual. SolMyoz1k invited a friend of hers to see her work as she was setting it up, and that friend invited a friend, and so on. It was cool having a crowd checking things out the day before the Festival even started.

Once the last artist was well on their way to finishing Isobela was pretty frazzled, so I treated her to a gift certificate and a shopping trip to Pixel Dolls. I even picked up a few shirts there myself. We went and visited a few other stores and I came away with a new tux and four different color vest and tie combinations.

We went back home and changed, her in her green dress, the one that I bought the green vest to match/ We took my new Pirate row boat on around to the GOAT to check on the artists (guess who rowed the whole way.)

Everyone was set up, so we went over to the GOAT stage to check on it as well. DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy were performing in the GlamShack, and we could hear them from there. DJ Jocelyn made a rather strange request, so I complied, but then it seemed she didn't want it after all. How dizzy. She hasn't been herself much lately.

We were planning on a very busy next day at the festival, and didn't want to spend too much time club-hopping, but we decided to stop in and see DJ Joce and The Tracy for a few minutes before we had to go to work. The Friendly Fire show ended up not happening as we had thought, so we hung around the Shack for a little while longer and then went exploring.

Neither one of us had been to Africa, so we headed there. The first stop was a balloon ride around the whole place. It was awesome; I hadn't been on one before.

Afterwards we visited the waterfall with amazing whitewater rapids at the top, and then went on an inner-tube ride. We tramped all over the place and had a wonderful time

While we were there we found out that my friend Dee was named the newest Friendly Fire Officer! Her coronation will be on Tuesday at the Beach Bum. I called to congratulate her and we chatted for just a bit. She asked that I pass on all the advice that I could, but not right then as she was busy with celebration.

Still on an exploration kick, Isobela and I headed off to the Rainforest; another simply amazing place. Aztec temples and ruins and treehouses and this flower tower thing; giant 60 foot flowers with hidden alcoves in some, hot tubs in others.

Isobela found a secret entrance to a cool room underneath this waterfall and we explored in there some. I found a way out that involved climbing up this sinkhole that brought you out on top of the waterfall. There was a huge tree up there with an awesome treehouse in it, but Isobela got stuck clibing up the tree!

Going anywhere with her is such a wonderful time; the oohs and aahs, the laughs and cries. I am blessed. Life is good.


Mack said...

Hey! I have those exact same pants as Iso!

Tycho Beresford said...

And here I thought that all of Isobela's clothes were deisgner originals!