Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Tycho Beresford Agency was retained by an un-named benefactor to look into reports of wide-spread griefer attacks at the metaverse-renowned gesture store in Joiner. Using highly-technical investigative techniques (Prim-Penetrating Radar) to locate the source of the attack, our intrepid detective was able to discover a fiendishly-clever invisible device that was the source of the horrid blossoms of yellow smiley faces. The vile perpetrator is one Mackenzie; she was assisted in her fiendish plot by the maker of the device, the heinous Brooke! When Tycho's report goes in, justice shall be served. Here is a photograph of the insidious attack in progress:

I went shopping for more medieval gear and bought a sword that goes well with my shield. I took it topside for some weapons practice and am much better at close combat now. It's not so much the new sword as having time to practice, and to develop the muscle-memory.

I had heard that merry had a cool place called the Merry Inn; I'd been meaning to check it out for a while and finally got the chance. As it turned out, I had directions to the old Merry Inn! Luckily my friend Kimberly happened by and showed me where the new one was. It is a pretty cool place; a dance hangout for friends. There were about a half-dozen people there, including merry herself. I danced and chatted for a while, then headed out for more exploring.

Things are just about done at the new GlamShack; things will be ready for Friday's opening. Plans are for DJ Isobela to be the first one to perform there at 4. After all of the work she put in here and at the GOAT she deserves it. I have our couples dance aid set up in there, but don't really like the placement; maybe Mack can help me find a better spot for it. I built a short-cut from our patio straight to the GlamShack floor so Isobela doesn't have to worry about flying over the mountains or sailing all of the way around. This is going to be a kick!

Wednesday, though, DJ Isobela Capalini was spinning her fabulous collection of blues at the Savoy. This week she previewed The Mannish Boys' killer new album plus a few by the Home Made Jams Blues Band to a very good sized crowd; according to curm it was "a very foxy crowd" too! One of the foxes, Shadows, observed of the DJ "Well, I give you that you've got a voice that could talk a hungry fox off the back of a meat truck."

Shadows was on piano for most of the night, with Squiffy on bass, curm and his smooth moves on the dance floor and Kimala doing some ironing for curm while they danced. As soon as Crighton showed up Kimala dumped curm like a used tissue though, and stopped ironing for him too. curm lamented how Tracy wanted to kill him after his comment about they way her dress made her look, Kim wanted to kill him for telling stories during their dance, Crighton wanted to kill him for dancing with Kim, Isobela wanted to kill him because he's annoying, Tycho wanted to kill him so he wouldn't have to mention him in his blog, and Ajay wanted to kill him for mentioning her bald spots. All true, though I think that Tracy will be coming after me first because my comment was a bit more incisive.

Megan has agreed to work with me hosting tomorrow night at the GlamShack. I'd like her to help me improve my hosting skills; I want to get good enough to deserve to work next to DJ Isobela. One of my plans is to ride her coat-tails to fame and fortune. But for now, it's just three days until the opening of the new GlamShack. I can't wait. Life is good.

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