Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shack Attack!

DJ Isobela rocked the GlamShack today to begin our slide into the weekend. We had a Hines 57 mix; pretty much any old Rocking thing! King and Queen of Starnoid were there! Tracy and Jenda got into their usual catfight. Innis complimented DJ Isobela on having such a cute hostess. But best of all the asset servers lost Angelsmoon's hiccups! Yay!

Friendly Fire took the stage after DJ Isobela. I had poofer duty again. The Friday Night Train Wreck was a fairly good rendition of Space Cowboy. And of course they played I Love This Song! If they hadn't there likely would have been a riot.

Mack (and Case) made a very generous offer to support Bid 4 A Cure; they said that they would match all donations made during their show! The officers carefully noted the amounts in the donation syringe at the time of the announcement and at the end of the show; a total of L$8278 was raised! The syringe at the GlamShack has the second-highest donation total in it; L$34,733 as of the end of the Friendly Fire show. Journey Island where the goods and services auction was held has the highest.

DJ Hy was next up to bat after Mack and Case. The Tracy was there for a while helping to break in a new GlamShack Hostess, SexyCat! Welcome aboard! mikki showed up so of course chaps were the order of the day. A few of the guys said that they had none, so I whipped up a publicly-accessible Black Chaps and Thong dispenser! It was right in front of the stage during the show, but I placed it near teh Vote box for long-term usage.

DJ Hy played a cut from the new Winwood album is called "Nine Lives". The track was "Dirty City" and was the only one that featured Clapton. Within a few notes Isobela identified the organ as a Hammond; a few minutes later after reading about the song DJ Hy made the announcement that the organ was a Hammond. Isobela knows her musical instruments!

DJ Hy played well overtime, almost a double shift. Both of his hostesses had deserted him, but he kept on. For me it was a hectic day at work and then about seven hours in the Shack. I love this place!

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