Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Jazz

I took the catamaran out into Marco Bay, my first time there. It's a pretty nice are, just west of Hy and Tracy's place. There will probably be some good scuba-diving opportunities out there later.

DJ Isobela was spinning jazz at At Last, but by the time I had gotten home, cleaned the cat and put her away, showered and changed, Isobela had switched to blues. When I arrived at At Last (I like typing that) she was dancing with one of the patrons, so I eyed the room.

I spotted mikki dancing alone, and was going to see if she wanted to dance when the guy dancing with Isobela runs out of the place! He even forgot his hat! Isobela explained that she was just trying to introduce us and that he got scared. So poor mikki missed out, but I got to dance with the DJ.

We missed DJ Case playing at the GlamShack; instead we went shopping and I bought Isobela a dual-mermaid rotating statue. They are chasing each other's tails like a couple of playful puppies! We brought it back home, I filled in the swimming pool and then we had a race to see who could build the best display pool first.

Isobela got off to a good start, but then she had problems with her tools so my design made it. It turned out very well, but I'm sure we'll both do alot of tweaking. With the mermaids where they were we decided to more the archer on a rock statue I had placed earlier, the view from the patio with them both just seemed a little off.

Eventually everything was arranged and we went off to listen to Heath play new-age jazz piano in Nantucket. He was excellent as usual, playing a mixture of his regular pieces in addition to the newer work from "Soulfire." He drew a good crowd, over forty people. I owe Heath; he is cool. Life is good.

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