Friday, June 6, 2008

Double Fire

A traveler passed on to me that Korat City had been destroyed in an earthquake. Although I fully trusted the good man, I had to go see myself. There was nothing left of it. Absolutely nothing. Amazing.

I will still keep in touch with my friends from that milieu, but I am joining Isobela in going medieval, Tolkienesque -style. I'll need to do some significant studying, plus some shopping. I bought a new sword and short bow to practice with, and even an archery target that I set up in the front yard. I'm sure I'll be buying better stuff soon, but these allow me to start getting used to these types of weapons and make a better choice for later ones.

Friendly Fire was playing back-to-back gigs today! The first was at Fibbers. I love the place, but it seems every time that I turn around in there nowadays there's another tip jar. All was well though because they played I Love This Song! I barely had my poofer going at the right time; I almost missed it because I was sending notices for next show. Mack and Case poofed too! Woot!

Case kept talking about my blog during the show. I properly placed the blame on Ajay for getting me to start it. There was also lots of reminiscing about the old Fibber's; the spirit is the same. Isobela repeated a phrase often heard in the old Fibbers; "Doesn't get any better then this."

The second Friendly Fire show was the regular Thursday-night gig at Club Casa Blanco. This is where we know that we've passed the tipping point and are starting our slide into the weekend. There were no bartenders or managers present, so we kinda helped ourselves to the booze. Some rabble-rousers called for destruction of private property, but the crowd was genteel. And drunk. Mack even remembered to pack up her poofer and bring it with her from Fibber's!

I was even able to hear I Love This Song again! Isobela and I had a side conversation about that song. I suggested that it would be cool to win a Friendly Fire show in the Bid 4 A Cure auction and then make them play that song for an hour straight. She agreed wholeheartedly!

After the show we headed over to the Savoy, which is becoming our favorite wind-down spot. We took the Tester over, but again had problems at the dock. It just wasn't intended to handle 70-foot schooners.

DJ Hy was playing Blues to a small crowd. The Savoy isn't a place to go for a wild and crazy time; it's for slow-dancing and enjoying the music and relaxation. Oh, and for all you single guys? A picture is worth a thousand words.

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