Monday, June 30, 2008

We Did the Bid!

Today in the Escape Club on Journey Island was the culmination of months of effort, the Bid 4 A Cure Date auction! The benefit was for Diabetes research in the US and UK. As with the Goods and Services auction Isobela was the auctioneer while DJ Jocelyn played music and read introductions.

Mack had/was volunteered to be auctioned first. The bidding for her went higher than I expected, though nowhere near what she is worth. This pattern was followed for all 21 auctionees. Isobela was won by curm, and MiaSnow won me. Isobela went for two and a half times what I did, though it should have been much more. I was lucky enough to win the bid for VLB drummer Vicky! Woot!

Unlike the Goods and Services auction, the Date auction ended on time. We were all getting ready for Friendly Fire, and in fact I had just sent out the group notices, when Mack tells me that the show has been cancelled! Even though things ended on time it had been a long, stressful day at the end of a long, stressful month; I think they made the right decision in letting things end on a high note. My friend Vicky was looking forward to hearing them, though; maybe I can get her some backstage passes.

In late-breaking news later in the evening I learned that DJ John is coming back to the Shack! He is scheduled to start on Saturday, July 5th from 6-8pm SLT; just before DJ Jocelyn. I've also heard rumors that DJ Bill may be coming back, also. That would be cool.

As we were out and about later we ran in to Louisa. It had been months and months since we had seen her; we had a nice chat and caught each other up on things. Isobela also helped me make a barrel of black wine that a friend of ours had been asking for.

We had to miss the birthday party for Xubi that Cheyenne was putting on So we could make it to Journey Island for the auction. The Bid 4 A Cure Date goal was a million L$. About an hour after the auction, after she had finished totaling all of the receipts from the auction and the various donation syringes scattered across the Metaverse, Jocelyn puts out a group call to let everyone know that We Did It! L$ 1,070,277! Woot!

Special thanks to all of the auctionees and winning bidders (and all of the non-winning bidders, too!): Mack, Ajay, Case, Synapse, Cataplexia, Taliesin, Fabien, Adrian, Maximillion, Chely, Isobela, curmudgeon, Tycho, MiaSnow, Freestar, RoseDrop, Trindolyn, Hare, Jocelyn, Arcadian, LauraJill, Vicki, Moody, Derrian, Brooke, Pete, Farrokh, Argus, Rosie, Kisa, Hy and The Tracy!

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Mack said...

It was a lot of fun and a little nerve-wracking! I thought for sure Curmie was going to have his way with me, which would probably involve something with cats, litter, and a fried pizza turnover.