Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Mack and Case played in this awesome giant green cavern that Rosi dug for Moard's birthday! It was totally cool; you even could to take a trolley to get to it! The guest of honor was very late, though we all had a typical Glamtastic time. I Love This Song is especially breathtaking in a giant green grotto!

Mack complimented me on my picture of her and Isobela on this blog yesterday! Case always ends up embarrassing me when he talks about my blog; it was nice hearing a compliment and not wanting to hide afterwards.

They had to call the show because of lighting; too much electronical equipment was at risk. Isobela and I made it an early night, though I think Mack and Case went back and played some more later. DJ Case may have even made an appearance. Life is good.

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