Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thongs and Songs!

DJ Isobela hosted a beach party at the GlamShack, the first time she's done that. It turned out very well; Mack and Case set up an impromptu stage on the beach and DJ Hy spun there as well to keep the party going all night long. The beach could use a few more amenities, I put up an umbrella for Promise so she wouldn't melt in the sunlight, but overall it was a great place to party.

Isobela had put up an embarrassing sign in front of the Shack with my picture on it; she wants to extend my rez day celebration all weekend. For her next one I guess we'll have to celebrate all week! Isobela made a personal product endorsement as well.

Case had set out a bunch of dance poles; Mack was able to play Bass while pole dancing! Most everyone took their turns on the poles, even curm. I don't think that you're supposed to wear a trench coat while pole dancing, though. Mack drug a lap-dance chair out of storage as well.

Amanita and Tele stopped by; they are getting married at the end of the month! Promise had set up a Kissing Booth; the price was excellent but there weren't many customers, at least not many repeat customers. I didn't know that they made Speedo's for rabbits; but apparently Alca did. Ya learn something new every day!

mikki stopped by, she's now chlorophyll-challenged - she turned all pink! Clovis started a pink thong theme for the guys, only real men wear pink he said. I found a pink thong of my own;

I didn't know I had one. Clovis and Dee had their own matching pink thongs and made a very becoming couple. Cat wore an amazing swimsuit, it was a one-piece with about 3 square centimeters of material in it held together with dental floss! It was Great!

Cat and Tali broke out a Limbo game, Tarcy and Hy played it but the rest of us busy dancing and in deep conversations. I really wish I had had a chance at it; I felt bad that they went to the trouble to set it up for us and just a few took people advantage of it. Hy played well over, as usual; I think it was more than a double show! By the time he stopped we were all exhausted; dancing in sand is much harder than dancing on a dance floor. Another wonderful day in the Metaverse.

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