Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chicken Spanking

We spent some more time working on couched today, it was a real team effort. They are turning out really good, thanks in most part to Isobela. She wants to build our new house around the couch; it will make a fine centerpiece!

Later I worked as a host in the GlamShack for that slave-driver DJ Isobela. She exemplified the old adage that "Well behaved women seldom make history with a theme of Dirty Word Night. She played al of her favorite songs, a very poignant playlist.

The early part of the show was kinda sparse because we were competing with a Friendly Fire show, but once they finished things really picked up. We taught Alca and Hy the Chicken Dance, then many others joined in, too. Squiffy and mikki are excellent Chicken dancers!

Someone had come up with a new type of spanker, and they all took turns assaulting me with it. DJ Isobela said they had been planning it for days! Then she played MCMLXXXV and we all talked about what we were doing then. We had a hilarious time mis-quoting each other; it was a wonderful ahow.

Friendly Fire took over the stage when DJ Isobela was done. BEARintheMorning showed up, and curm was back, too. Mack and Case played It's My Time, the first time that curm had heard it and he was suitably impressed.

The Friday Night Train Wreck was Southern Girls, I think, and I Love This Song! wasn't played until after I had finished sending my mid-show notices. There was Uber poofing and I helped with Mack's poofer and we all had a grand old time.

His Hyness DJ Hy took the mic after Case had finished his lung exercises (and turning blue, according to Mack.) DJ Hy rocked the shack until the wee hours; a spankfest started again and it wasn't even mikki's fault this time! It was like the spanking therapy we all used to get at Club Therapy.

Isobela and I stayed for about an hour, then headed over to Gallery Orinoco to listen to Vaughan and dance some more - anything besides the Chicken dance. Vaughan is a folk singer / guitarist who knows many hilarious ballads including Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian and I Saw Cinderella On Hollywood And Vine! The gang at the Gallery are always fun; it looked like they had some new artwork inside too but we didn't have a chance to go and see it.

When he was done we headed back to work on the house some more. I was responsible for the roof while Isobela does the rest. We're making good progress, we have a rough outline of what we want but are still facing the question of having a second story or not. Every day is another wonderful surprise.

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