Monday, July 21, 2008

Chips and Buns

Today I went on a Metaverse-wide scavenger hunt! I had seen these types of things advertised before, but this was the first one where the prizes were specifically for guys. There was a list of stores, with directions to each; in the stores they had hidden these fake hammers (in keeping with the guy theme), and each hammer contained some sort of prize.

As it was the first day of the hunt some of the stores hadn’t gotten set up yet; probably time-zone issues. I did find many prizes, though, and took them home to unpack. It was fun hunting for the stuff, and almost as fun making a big mess unpacking it all! I ended up with one nice set of clothes and instructions for a funky dance that I'll have to learn.

I also had a good time visiting all these new stores, I even found a few new places with Lucky Chairs! I'm somewhat of a Lucky Chair addict. Lucky Chairs are these chairs that when you sit it them they magically know what the first letter of your first name is, and if it matches the letter showing on the chair you win a prize! Well OK not magically; I think they sense the RFID chip in your driver's license or something like that.

Friendly Fire was playing at Apfelland Airport Showbuehne today and I was able to clean up all my mess from unpacking and make the show. AcousticEnergy played before them, but I didn't really hear anything of his. Ajay and Rosi were officering in their usual blue hair and red suits and bickering over the great hat/tray debacle. I have tried to remain silent in this debate as I don't want to get my eyes scratched out.

Apfelland Airport had this anti-uber-poofer technology installed. I could have hacked it, but decided to just go with my trusty old regular poofer instead. it was a nice change of pace. Mack and Case played It's My Time! and I Love This Song! and all was well in the world.

DJ Isobela went off to spin some Blues on the Steamboat Natchez, so I decided to go check it out, too. They must have been testing out the power plant, because they had the paddlewheel going even though we were docked. We danced on the upper deck; I had even shined my new shoes - automatically of course! It was just a pick-up show, so we didn't stay too long.

I had been working on and off on my project all weekend. I have one more thing that I want to do before I start testing; and who knows what testing will show? What I need to do is find a quiet place I can sit and work and not be disturbed by calls to business meeting or what not.

Friendly Fire played at Nightclub Echo Echo in their usual Sunday Night extravaganza. Mack and Case played It's My Time! and I Love This Song! Again! That really put everyone in a good mood; even Ajay and Rosi were being civil to each other. Maybe the tray/hat things presses down on their brains and causes them to become homicidal maniacs; I mean more than usual.

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt was having a theme of Chippendales and Bunnies night, so Mack and Case piggy-backed on it, too. At least Mack did, she wore a red bunny outfit (seems she always wears red on Sunday nights; hmmm, I wonder if Saint Mack is a bishop, too?) Case had some lame excuse about not being able to find a Chippendales outfit! I of course had one, but it looked funny wearing the red Friendly Fire Officer's shirt with it.

Isobela and I stayed for about half of DJ Joce and then headed home. I was going to work on my project some more and she her playlists. Of course as soon as we settle in I get a notice of a Heath concert; he was playing in Club Neptune at the bottom of Angel Shark Shallows. It was marvelous as always.

His puppy Ruby got on microphone with him and talked to us; some in the audience accused him of pinching her to get her to talk but I think she was just glad to see us. Heath played her favorite song for her - Snoopy! The Club was fairly crowded, there were thirty-eight people there and it took a while to get us all through the airlock. we have got to get this guy to the GOAT

We had chatted with Heath's manager Alexandria and found out that she also manages a Jazz Club called September Rain in her spare time. I had gotten directions from her and even though it was late we decided to make a quick trip there to check it out.

September Rain was on a tropical island covered in mountains and rain forest; there were many waterfalls and grottos and sandy beaches, simply beautiful. The club itself is an open area near the center of the island with a very nice dance floor, though ours is better. There didn't seem to be a dress code like most Jazz clubs have; that went well with the tropical rain forest setting and when new people wandered by they didn't feel out of place.

They had a schedule of DJs that played there, though none were familiar and I didn't see any live acts yet. It's still a very new club though; we'll definitely go back and check the place out and get some pictures. There's always something else to do or see or explore around here; I love this place.

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