Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bum and Mum

I did some work around the house today, spent alot of time working on doors. They sure are harder than they used to be. I worked on some clothes, too; but I'm not sure how they'll turn out. Isobela said it "looks like a butt flap for George of the Jungle"!

Friendly Fire had their weekly glamtastic gig at the Beach Bum. They seemed to have an especially good time laughing and joking at this show. They played their new song It's My Time, plus 23 Skideaux and of course I Love This Song! Vicki showed up but I didn't get to chat with her much, I was too busy working. Mack had her poofer and I helped her work it, but I felt the need to do the Uber Poofer all the same.

Next it was DJ Isobela at the Savoy. They are continuing to have technical difficulties with the dance floor. This happens quite often at the Savoy, it's getting to be bothersome. The featured album was Albert Castiglia's A stones Throw, very good with lots of slide guitar. A most enjoyable time, even with dancing issues

DJ Hy was filling in for the vacationing DJ Daddie at the GlamShack after that, and The Tracy was filling in for Megan, but it was too late for me to make it to their show. I did hear word of an incredible new club opening on the 13th, but I am unsure if I should keep it under wraps for now or not. I'll try and find out more, soon. For now, mum's the word.

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