Sunday, July 6, 2008

DJ Isobela at Fibber Magees!!!

I was there for the trumphant return of DJ Isobela to Fibber Magees! It was her first time performing in this place that holds so many memories for all of us. It was so cool. Her playlist was simply amazing; I asked her to save it for posterity. The rock was hot and the beer was cold, and it wass Guinness; not that swill that Case serves!

The new Fibber's looks a little worse for the wear, there are holes in the walls and in the streets outside even. Was there a Friendly Fire show here that I didn't hear about? I can't think of anything else that could cause this much damage.

The show was UK Rock, targetted to the Europeans but there seemed to be quite an antipodean contingent as well. Tarogue the host hid his tip jat behind a pillar on the bar but I found it. It was good there was only one other tip jar so the tips didn't get too diluted I saw some people from the old days of course, Emmie and Spook, Anutte and Robt, plus even Hy and The Tracy were there. Never did I think I would see a Dubliner tag on Isobela; she wears it well.

I also made it to DJ John's trumphant return to the GlamShack! mikki was there in her first time hostessing fo him. I couldn't get her to join in a spankfest; what amazing self control that took from her! Isobela and I danced for a while, but couldn't stay for too long.

We stopped by Starbrook's Coffeehouse to join the celebration of the recent nuptials of Ryan & Jenda. DJ Spontaneous played some tunes for us, but most everyone just spent the time chatting. DJ Spontaneous had some cool dance moves, I'll have to look in to learning those myself.

We were a little worn out from all of the club-hopping so we went on a building binge on Elfie Island. Isobela created this truely amazing grotto there! She had to move a couple of waterfalls to make room for it, but it turned out so well!

I was busy moving mountains, tunnelling like a rat, beach building and finally together we made a small lean-to on stilts to watch the sunsets from. Life is good.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

PFFT~ I did not make the Grotto..... WE bought it. Good Grief

Mack said...

How did I miss Iso at Fibbers before John's set? And, why didn't anybody call me? What am I paying you people for?!? Sheesh! Somebody get me an aspirin!

Tycho Beresford said...

Tycho Beresford rushes to get Mack some aspirin and a cool glass of water as he suppresses the "I told you so!" for Isobela.

Ajay said...

slash-me ducks and hides from the Wrath of Mack...

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

You are supposed to read the notices... That's why I send them!(ok Tycho sends them) :p