Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Blues with Rosi and Ajay!

Working on the house more and more; it really is fun! I'll be glad when we're done, though; and we have out target range available for use again!

I caught most of Friendly Fire in Wheeler House at Streeter's Place - Live Music Venue. Fluffy was there! They played I Love This Song!, and Paris, too! I must have missed something at teh begining of the show because both Rosi and Ajay had massive amounts of blue hair!

Isobela had made alot of progress on our house; after the show we decided to pack up our old one and set up the new one. It will probably take a few days to get everything just right, but we'll at least have a roof over our heads in the meantime.

I had to attend other business for a while, and with grave misgivings left Isobela there alone building. She had talked about going to see DJ John and then DJ Jocelyn, but then I also heard her whispering on the phone to someone about male strippers for the party. I wonder what I'll return to find?

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