Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gibson Guitars!

On my daily rounds I stopped and got a Whimsurance policy from Whimsical Virtual Insurers and Guarantors. I feel much better now. We should think of offering a similar type of coverage at the GlamShack.

I worked some more on my project while sitting in the hot tub above the GOAT. That must have been just the thing because I had a few breakthroughs and a successful unit test! I was starting to plan my system testing strategy when I received notice of a half of a Friendly Fire show - Case would be playing by himself! Without the lovely Mack!

I hurried on over to The Rocker Waters and saw that Virtual Live Band was playing right before him! They have the best drummer! Case sang mostly Train Wrecks, but did attempt one classic Friendly Fire song solo and did a fairly good job with it.

Afterwards I followed Case to his Rock and Roll Listening Party at the GlamShack. DJ Case is getting better and was playing some pretty good music, but I still like DJ Ajay better.

After while Isobela decided that I needed to go clothes shopping so she drug me all over the metaverse. I already had four shirts and three pairs of pants; I don't know why she thought that I needed more. I ended up buying a brown Woodsman's type suit thing. I had some boots that matched after a quick hem of the pants. The important thing was that she liked it.

We shopped 'til we dropped, picked ourselves up and headed over to Gibson Guitar Island, which opened last week. This place truly rocks. The island itself is shaped like the body of a guitar, and some of the buildings and decorations are aligned to make them seem like parts of a giant guitar when seen from overhead. There is a trolley runs all around the island but we decided to hoof it.

All around the perimeter of the island are gigantic models of their guitars, plus they had regular-sized guitars of the same model that you could take home with you! One giant guitar was still under construction and someone had handily left some ropes to climb to the top!

We ran into Moody at the Gibson Guitar Island Acoustic Stage! Von was playing guitar there; he's a good guitarist with unusual voice and some pretty decent songs. He had given out directions to the place right to the stage where he was sitting; people who followed his directions exactly were winding up in his lap. It was pretty funny, and pretty hard to play guitar like that.

We listened to him for a bit and then went back home to unpack and try everything out. Some kind of way I ended up with 22 guitars! Well actually 21 guitars and this awesome mandolin, unless a mandolin counts as a guitar? I bet Isobela would know!

A few of the guitars came with their own special stools, and I picked up two tables with guitar tabletops and a set of Gibson director's chairs to go with them. Plus a handful of cool t-shirts. This place is so cool, Gibson Guitar Island, and the whole Metaverse!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

What he doesn't mention is the FANTABLOUS piano he got me! I can't wait to be serenaded....

Tycho Beresford said...

Ok, I'm confused. Is it FANTABLOUS or FANTABULOUS? One 'U' or two? Inquiring minds want to know!