Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Rez Day Uncle Sam!

On my rounds this morning I stopped in to Starbrooks Coffeehouse for a cup of cappuccino and a nice Banana Nut muffin. It was nice enjoy breakfast without having to rush off somewhere. They make some Texas-sized coffee there, too!

When I saw Isobela she told me that she had stayed up late with Megan and that Megan was planning on getting married to Warrick today! At OUR House! Luckily Isobela keeps things very neat; well, except for having at least 37 pose stands in each room. But they were easy to pick up.

So 15 minutes before the ceremony Megan calls me and asks if I know where she can find a minister. To make a long story short, I ended up officiating with Isobela and Hy as witnesses. Isobela made a lovely rose-covered archway for them that we placed on the patio. Of course we started late because Megan took so long getting dressed, but at least she was able to do it herself and didn't need Isobela to come help her. And they had their own rings, too!

It was a very nice ceremony; short and sweet but with meaning. Afterwards we took some pictures and I showed the lovely couple to the dance pavilion that Isobela had put together in a hilltop grove on Elfie Island and they had some nice quiet time to themselves. They have been running for weeks now and it was good for them to take a break and just dance and chat for a while.

DJ Tlinitchief was spinning Poolside at NP so I stopped by there for a while. FraterPhoenix was his hostess, and Isobela's cousin Midnight was there, too. It was quite a nice crowd with some cool, patriotic accessories. The DJ and hostess had wings with Stars and Stripes on them! Isobela joined me after a while and we had a very good time.

Later DJ Isobela was playing at the GlamShack. She and I think Hy had decorated the place to celebrate Uncle Sam's rez day! I messed up the time on the notices I sent out, but Hy caught it right away and I was able to send out a correction. There was a surprisingly large crowd for a holiday, fellow officer Promise showed up, and we all glammed a few of Case's beers. That guy must own a brewery or something; it seems like he has a never ending supply of the stuff!

After DJ Isobela we had Friendly Fire at the GlamShack continuing our Friday slide into the weekend. It was a special anniversary of theirs, four years ago tonight they made their debut as the band Friendly Fire! To help celebrate most of us wore our Friendly Fire t-shirt to the gig tonight! In the spirit of the holiday Mack and Case sang a wonderful rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy, then Case tried to sing When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again. Brooke was there and gave everyone 4th of July hats! Woot! I also did a Double Uber Poofer with US Flags and Glams!

As usual they played I Love This Song!, and as usual it was right at the mid point of the show. Yes, right at the time I am busy sending out the mid-show notices. The Train Wreck was Soft Cell's Tainted Love; or, as Jocelyn would say, Tainted Lobe. They did very well with it actually; I think they practiced though.

DJ Hy closed out our Friday slide into the weekend at the GlamShack. He has been secretly ensconced in his office in the GlamShack preparing a special playlist for us for most of DJ Isobela's and Friendly Fire's shows. It was well worth the effort; he started off with Jimmy Hendricks guitar solo of the Star Spangled Banner! mikki filled in for The Tracy and hostessed for him; I helped her with some of the group notices.

I missed part of the show, and when I came back there seemed to be something going on with cowbells. I'm not exactly sure what that was all about. With DJ Hy and mikki around you never know what kind of trouble they'll get you in. Isobela and I stayed dancing and chatting for a long time; after Hy left he had turned the radio on for us. We closed the place down, the first time we've done that in a long time. Life is good.

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