Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank you! Thank you!

Isobela threw a Rez-Day party for me today in the Savoy Sky Lounge. She had decorated with help from Alca, and Alca, Hy and herself were there when I arrived. Shortly after a whole cast of celebrities started passing through: Megan, Missy, Hare, mikki, Syn, Ajay, Mack, Case, Cat, Stephen, Promise, Alejo, Elisabeth, Dolomite, Joaquin, Britt, Russ, Scrumptious, Sheila, Dee, Clovis, Ivy and last but not least Squiffy (please Lord don't let me have missed anyone!)

His Hyness DJed for an hour or so, playing a fantastic playlist! It was almost like he could read my mind! Either that or Isobela gave him a list of my favorite songs. He had even came up with his own compilation of four songs that represented our courtship, that was very cool of him (though I don't think Isobela is Really Crazy!)

I was able to break away from Isobela for a couple of dances with Megan, who dances just as well as her mother! There was mostly couples there it seemed, and I felt kinda awkward for the singles. We all kept up the usual crazy chat, discussing thing like how that silly Hare is a touch-typist just like Jessica Rabbit! I gave Dee an LSU Uber-Poofer when I saw her, too. I didn't write the directions down, I just told them to her; I hop that wasn't a mistake. But then again, how could she read directions with her head stuck in a wine box all of the time?

Joaquin took over from Hy and played for us in the second half of the party. He is a quite talented Argentinean instrumentalist; whenever he said my name the accent really clobbered it. He started off with a special dedication for me from Isobela, what a doll. When Hare heard that he would be playing she told me that she had heard about him but had never heard him and that she was looking forward to it; he didn't disappoint us. At the end he said that he was proud to call himself a Savoy musician; I thought that was pretty cool! It was the best Rez-Day party I've ever had!

Even though the party invitation had apparently said no gifts, Cat gave me this amazing light sculpture of two doves that she had created. When we got back to Tidings I uncrated it and Isobela immediately said she knew the perfect place for it: on the little island between Tun Tavern (Forward) and Elfie island!

I hauled it over there, up-rooted an inconviently-placed palm tree, and set it up just right. I put some pillows down behind a large rock that was next to it, we lay down and looked up at it, and the stars, and chatted the night away. I love this place!

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Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!