Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday mikki!

mikki's Birthday Party was at the GlamShack during DJ Isobela's show. mikki wanted a tassels and ass-less chaps night, and who were we to argue? DJ Isobela played all of mikki's favorite songs, a very good playlist, plus she had a special music surprise just for Mikki - Beatles music!

Isobela and I arrived at the shack early, she decorated while I baked a birthday cake. Well, OK, Brooke baked it, but I went and picked it up. The decorations were excellent, lots of balloons and streamers and personalized, hand-made banners.

There had been another half of a Friendly Fire show immediately before DJ Isobela's show (or was it two-thirds? I'm not sure how much the drummer counts; I'd better ask Missy about him.) We caught much of the crowd leaving there. Early on a bear attacked one of the patrons, but Hy distracted it then got away by jumping in the water. What a man!

Melon danced on a pole for mikki, and then on a special dance table that Isobela had brought in and set up on stage. And what birthday party would be complete without a spank fest? As DJ Isobela said, it was "Glamtacious!"

Earlier Isobela and I had exchanged gifts. There was no occasion, we just sometimes see or think of something the other might like. It's almost spooky how we each do this on the same day as the other.

Isobela had bought two beer taps for me for our bar. They only came with one keg each, but I know where I can pick up as much beer as I want for free; there’s this little place just south of us. I had found a locket for Isobela with a picture of some guy in it. Oddly enough, he bears a striking resemblance to me! How lucky was that?

When Isobela had told me that she had a gift for me I told her that I had one for her, too. She immediately said that hers was better. After we exchanged them, she had to admit that my gift was the better one. Being the kind and compassionate soul that I am, I teased her mercilessly about that. In fact, I might even blog about it! Life is good.


mikki said...

Loves you Both so much thank you for a wonderful birthday party!
[18:43] Isobela Capalini: not only the beatles, but pasties
[18:43] Isobela Capalini: well better pasties then no top
[18:43] Synapse Zabelin: Nice....pasties Iso;)
[18:44] Ajay McDowwll: I'll get nekkid for you later -- no need to stare at Iso's...erm... pasties.
[18:45] Ajay McDowwll: It's Mikki's party, so we're, erm... skimpy
[18:45] Ajay McDowwll: it's all the birthday girl's fault
[18:46] Isobela Capalini: you have to get onthat pole
18:46] Ajay McDowwll: Mikki, on da pole!
[20:14] Case Munro: have a great night y'all, lock up when you're done, drink all the booze
[20:14] Tycho Beresford: Will do
giggles my sides still hurt from laughing so hard!

Tycho Beresford said...

It was our pleasure mikki!