Friday, July 4, 2008

The Girl is Back in Town!

Isobela and I went sailing off of Holly Kai Three today. I'm really starting to get the hang of controlling the catamaran in different wind conditions, it was a blast! We both think MiaShow will like it, too. While we were on the water Isobela got a call asking her to DJ at the new Fibber's this Saturday, 5 Jul, from 4-6pm! Woot! Plus, Promise is back in town! Double Woot!

Back at the house I made a button for mikki to go with all of her gesticulating about boxed wine. I finished just in time to make it to Club Casa Blanco for the Friendly Fire show and who should be there but mikki herself! She put her pin on right away, and took out a box of wine to celebrate!

The show was great; there was three other officers on duty so Isobela and I didn't have to worry about helping to meet and greet or swag or such. The highlight was of course I Love This Song! I operated Mack'S poofer and the Uber Poofer; Case handled his own, or maybe Mack got his.

From Casa Blanco we went home to change, then got on the Tester for the trip over to the Savoy. The seas were very uncooperative, it was a very challenging trip. As we passed the GlamShack we saw that DJ Crighton and Hostess Kimala had organized a pajama party around the beach bonfire out front!

DJ Hy was playing at the Savoy ably assisted by Hostess Megan the Magnificent! Isobela and I wore our special Megan Fan Club tags that Isobela had made. DJ Hy played his usual fantabulous blues, and Isobela's special requests, too. We were finally able to meet Megan's beau in person! He seemed very nice, though Megan had to clear up some misconceptions we had about him.

As Hy's show was winding down we headed over to hear DJ Lira at Gallery Orinoco. She played absolutrly fantastic 80's rock, but seemed to be new to DJing. She didn't partake, either. Listening to rock at the gallery seemed strange, I think that would be better poolside. The live act that they had scheduled for earlier had cancelled, perhaps that threw things off.

In any case the Gallery seems more suited for jazz and /or blues; maybe they could use a Blues DJ every once in a while? While we were dancing we peeked in the windows and saw that they had some new works up in the Gallery, we'll have to go check them out later.

After DJ Lira left we did too. It had been a long day for us, and we'll probably have an even busier day tomorrow. I can't wait. All our love to Megan and hers.


Mack said...

I don't think I see life preservers on you and Iso. Safety first you know! Woot!

Kimala said...

Hey :) I thought that was you two sailing by! But - I'm with Mack - you two be careful out there ;)

And... goooo Mikki! She is fine :) with or without her wine box.