Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I spent a good deal of time deciding on clothes to wear at the Savoy tonight; I would try to match what Isobela was wearing but she was changing clothes dervishly. Finally I called her "TRACY!" and she stopped, but said I was a meanie. I also tweaked my tip jar some more, and worked on a new front panel for our bar.

Friendly Fire was playing at the Beach Bum so we stopped by for a while before we had to go to her show. His Hyness and The Tracy were there and poor blonde curm got no respect. Mack and Case played I Love This Song!, and I really do. Being so close to such fine musicians it is easy to take them for granted after a while; I try my best not to.

On the way to the Savoy I saw a new place about to open; their placard said "Bistro Olive is a place for art and food lovers to relax and unwind, enjoy fine dining, and soak up fine artwork from in-world artists. With a chef like Blissie Boucher on hand - you know you will never go hungry! The food is out - even though we are still hunting up artists." I'll have to check it out later.

I was on my way to the Savoy to host for the Fantabulous DJ Isobela Capalini. The featured album was Honey Pie by West of Memphis. Things were slow at first as usual; one couple stepped in then went and danced in the gazebo. We haven't had any complaints about the swans there attacking anyone there recently, thank goodness. Their bites can take weeks to heal!

Squiffy stopped by and hung with us, he was playing guitar. As we'd get new visitors he would cajole them into joining him in playing instruments. Eventually we had Squiffy on guitar, mikki on piano and Wit on Bass - an excellent combination - serenading Hy, The Tracy, DJ Isobela and I. Well, we did at least for a while; mikki and Wit headed out to the dance floor where Isobela and I had been all night; chatting and dancing, laughing and spinning. Life is good.

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