Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Rez Day Fluffy!

Friendly Fire played at The Deck for Fluffy's Rez Day party! she is one day older than I, but certainly doesn't look it. Her friends had waited for the weekend for her surprise party, Mason played before Mack and Case so of course she knew about it before they showed up.

We all sang Happy Birthday Fluffy, bur since Mack and Case were on microphone they pretty much drowned the rest of us out. Case also sang the Summer of 69 and did quite a good job at it!

Later on Isobela and I went shopping for new dress shoes for me, I had decided that the old ones looked like boats. I bought an excellent but expensive pair that included a color change and even a self-shiner! Where was the self-shiner feature when I was in boot camp I ask???

We decided to do some exploring; there has been significant building to the east of Thassa so we headed over there.

It was very cool, but when they say to be careful around the waterwheel they mean it!

After that we went to Greenies. Isobela had been talking about it for ages but somehow we had never made it there before. OMG. What an amazing place! You GOTTA go see it!

We rode a paper airplane around, rode a fireworks rocket up to a platform where they had flying saucers you could fly around in, there was a medicine bottle with the instructions "Take one tablet every morning with alcohol", and just all sorts of amazing things.

I had misplaced the directions to another place I wanted to visit, but searching for it took us to another cool place, Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. There were some ancient Greek ruins nearby that we took a look at as well.

Next was an amazing place called Chou Chou. It was kinda sparse down below but you can climb this impossibly long ladder up to an awesome concert venue!

The Black Swan is simply incredible. They have light sculptures so if you go make sure it is an night.

"Black Swan is a living rezzable art studio, featuring the stunning work of Light Waves and other cutting-edge creators."

At the Robie House there was a cool piano and I had picked up a brochure from the manufacturer. We went to visit the manufacturer's showroom and checked out all their other pianos as well. There was one that caught my eye, but really wouldn't go with our beach-house decor.

It was starting to get late by then, and we really didn't feel like going to a brand-new place to explore, so we decided to step out and look around the piano store's neighborhood. We stepped outside the door and walked around the corner and wow. Just wow.

We were on a high cliff jutting out into the sea. There was a huge pirate ship immediately below us, it's masts reaching all the way up to our level. Beyond it on other cliffs were castes and houses and ruins that just invited exploration.

We walked around the showroom to the other side of the peninsula and down below there was a fairly large island with all sorts of showrooms and booths of some type; it was hard not to immediately zoom down and check them out. Next to it was a small island that was heavily vegetated, it seemed to be some type of nature preserve. I must go check it out; later though.

At the base of our peninsula were a couple of large log buildings. At first I thought they might be some sort of conference center but the one we went into first was a jewelry store! Oh, Great I thought; I'll never get Isobela out of here. I looked around a bit myself and they did have a very nice pair of diamond-studded pearl earrings; I'll have to remember that the next time I need a gift for someone.

As Isobela browsed I went upstairs and out onto the patio area between the two buildings. It was very cool; there was an awesome ice cream bar that I took full advantage of, and a Espresso machine to help ward off the chilly nights. The centerpiece of the patio was a large oak tree, brightly decorated, withe seating and dance areas all around it.

I checked out the placards of the artist that have performed there; Joaquin had been there and Gwen as well! Isobela finally was done browsing and we couldn't resist the temptation to dance for a bit; but they were playing polkas on the radio so she and I didn't stay too long.

This is quite an amazing metaverse that we live in. You find the most wonderful things when you aren't even looking for them. I am so lucky.

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thanks for visting Greenies and Black Swan--2 of the grid's best destinations. We have a bunch more as well check 'em here--

cu around the metaverse! Rar