Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Job Hare and Hippy!

DJ Ajay was spinning at the Try Line Sports Pub in Dublin for the Morning Kickoff show with Kezzy (the giraffe girl) as hostess. Despite the time-zone cruelties I was able to make the last part of her show. It looked like she had been able to wash out all of the blue hair coloring from yesterday. Anutte had made some coffee for us and it was wonderful!

DJ Ajay and I got into a discussion of whether she is a real DJ or not. We did this while she was DJing, in DUBLIN, in a regularly-scheduled show at the Try Line Sports Pub. She must really like tilting at windmills. After Danton left it was four ladies and I at the show; needless to say a wonderful time was had by all. Don't tell DJ Case, but I like DJ Ajay's DJing better than his.

After the show it was back to the house to see what was up. The place was simply amazing; Isobela had been very busy fixing things up just right. She does like changing out the front windows, though. I did a bunch of odd jobs, like moving our hot tub down from the sky box; I'm looking forward to spending time hanging around there. I also set up a TV, some lights and the bedroom set we won at the Bid 4 A Cure Goods and Services auction.

I was called away from moving in to the house to attend a secret meeting. It seems that I may to be assigned to a special project uniquely suited to my talents. While not exactly top secret, I think it best to not divulge this project until I see how it turns out. If it's too bad it may just slip my mind whilst writing my daily notes.

From the meeting I made a few stops to make sure I wasn't being tailed, and then headed straight to the grand opening of Hare and Hippy's Section 8 Dance & Romance Club. DJ Jocelyn was performing the honors in her usual fantastic style. Adrian and Madcow were there, Mack and The Tracy stopped by, and dozens more. What was especially cool about the club was that there was a special place for tinies to dance without fear of getting stepped on! There was also a second floor balcony for slow dancing; I'll have to remember about that for the next time I'm here.

As he was getting ready for the show at Echo Echo tonight Case kept changing his mind about which guitar he would be playing. I had asked Isobela to do the group notices this time and the constant back and forth was driving the poor dear nuts! Eventually they got things straightened out; "Make that a Les Paul tonight (barring a string break) instead of the Fender FOR MISTER CASE!"

Once the show started things really rocked. Ajay often makes it to the Sunday night shows, but we didn't see her this time; Rosi and curm were really missing Ajay's chim. I had double poofer duty again; the individual poofies from the Uber Poofer look really cool against the dark-blue background prevalent in Nightclub Echo Echo. Joce had to step away for a moment, and she chose to do it during I Love This Song! Sacrilege!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt followed Friendly Fire. About halfway through I heard that the theme was lingerie night, but not too many people participated. DJ Joce played lots of covers, and the dynamics of the crowd seem to be changing from what it used to be. Isobela and I danced for a good while and then headed out.

The Museum of Music had a special exhibit on the British Invasion. No, not the 1812 one; I made that same mistake. It was very cool; they had like theme rooms - teenager's bedroom from different eras decorated with for instance Beatles posters all over the walls, Beatles albums next to the record player, etc. I was very impressed by the way they told a story by decorating a bedroom.

There were also areas in the museum for Hard Rocking Women and Bebop And Beyond. They had a small gift shop, too; but it seemed to be closed. I was interested in the John Coltrane and Herman's Hermits artwork, perhaps I can make it back later.

We left the Museum of Music and wandered around the area for a bit; it seemed to be still under construction somewhat. They had a space for bloggers to advertise their blogs, though no one seemed to be taking advantage of it. There was a very large opera house, another white house surrounded by placards talking all about the theory of visual arts, and finally a large, geodesic dome housing a tribute to electronic music. The latter place even had a Moog synthesizer for sale!

Finally we went dack to the house and did some more housekeeping. I laid a rug down in the couch's alcove then made a quick run to the store for some necessities for Isobela. She sat on the couch, supervising and resting her tired old feet. Life is so good.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

hmmm (mumbles over the old comment)
I wonder who has a rezzz day this Thursday!

Hare said...

"I Made Tycho's Blog" Is there a shirt to that effect!? Hoo! Thanks so much for stopping by to help us Open ourclub! We hope to have an event at least once a month!

Hare Hugs!

Tycho Beresford said...

That's a Good idea, Hare! I'll have to ask my graphics department if they can come up with something. And do let me know when you'll be having events, please.

Ajay said...

I may have been DJing, in Dublin, at a regularly scheduled show, but note: I am merely the DJ Manager in Dublin, who will step in and spin when one of the REAL DJs can't make it if I can't find a sub or if I feel too guilty due to the time of the gig (3AM SLT, people!!) to do so. Ergo, as I scheduled MYSELF to work this gig, I am not a DJ. :P

I hated missing the Sunday night show at Echo Echo, but I'd been up late the night before and was up early in the morning, and frankly, my brain died. It appears to have recovered somewhat from its untimely demise, but I'll have to keep a close eye on it.