Thursday, July 3, 2008

DJ Isobela is Late!

I spent some time this morning installing, configuring and testing a new security system. We have some new owners in the area that are changing things all around and making us nervous.

Mack and Case and DJ Isobela all had horrible transportation issues and just could not make it to their gigs. It was awful. Ajay sent notices about the Friendly Fire show being cancelled, and I sent out notices about DJ Isobela running real late. I hung out in the GlamShack hoping she would make it; Cruise stopped by and we chatted a bit.

Mack and Case didn't make it at all *I sure hope they don't pull another month-long vacation on us), but Isobela and Megan finally show up at the Shack. DJ Isobela started playing music and we were discussing whether to officially start a show or not. Other people kept stopping by, so I sent out show notices and we drew a real nice crowd. Well, I don't know if it was the DJ or Megan that drew the crowd. mikki could have been a factor as well.

curm was there interviewing people. I think he was seeking cohorts for a GlamShack coup attempt. Good luck; I guess he's never heard Mack sing Catfight. He also asked me to say 'curm looked so hot tonite'! And he did!

Isobela and I had been saving quotes of each other for a while; when heard out of context they are quite funny so we started sharing them with everyone around. I got her giggling but good on mic; too bad curm missed it. Total hilarity, it was a blast. I love this place.

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