Tuesday, July 15, 2008


At At Last DJ Isobela and I danced to her smooth Jazz. Part-way through the show the owners decided to have a 'Best in Red' contest and I discovered that I don't have a red tuxedo! I do have a few black ones with red vests, so i wore one of those. As we were dancing I spent alot of time thinking about my scripting project; Isobela could tell I was distracted but didn't seem to mind as she was busy DJing anyway.

After the show was over and I was burned out on scripting I went stool shopping for the downstairs bar; we could have made our own but who wants to take the time for something like that? We're also going to need to redesign the house somewhat; it seems that stairs are contra-indicated. We'll need to put in wheelchair ramps for a certain elder someone.

Later we went to listen to DJ Rose at NP Poolside. Rose had been away for a while, it was good to have her back. FraterPhoenix was hostessing and doing her usual stand-up job. There was a nice crowd of great people including Isobela's cousin Midnight and Tlinitchief, Ben and Rhondy. It really is a wonderful place to unwind and de-stress.

Steven and Special stopped by later; they own an Island Resort called KaruMagic that looks very cool; we'll have to check it out sometime. We took a short break and had a look at the new stuff in Gallery Orinoco. Much of it was eye-opening; more so than their usual fare. Back Poolside DJ Rose was still spinning the hits while we danced the night away.