Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christmas in July

Heath did a Christmas in July concert at the Kounak Ice Skating Rink! Hostess Sheila had done up a special area for it that was incredibly well done. Heath played selections from his Christmas CD as well as some other holiday music, including the Snoopy theme song. Joaquin showed up to listen to Heath and commented "5/4, amazing"!

Alexandria and I got into a snowball fight; she kept missing me and hitting other people! After I nailed her with a shot in her bare midriff that knocked the wind out of her, we decided to turn on Heath. We both smacked him in the back and back of the head multiple times, but he didn't miss a beat!

Afterwards we visited the M. C. Escher Relativity House. They had moved from where my directions had originally pointed, but they had new directions there for us. When we got to the new place it seemed unfinished, like they hadn't finished moving. When we went inside and made out way to the back of the place we could tell that it was indeed finished. Way cool.

Earlier I had found a Public Spa in Sentoh Pino-yu, Japan. We had a very relaxing time, there was no attendant so we traded massages, relaxed in the steam bath and chatted around the little grotto they had. We also went over to Safe House beach and relaxed in their hot tub, chatting the night away.

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