Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Savoy Trio!

I'm still working on my project, had a breakthrough; dern random number generator was occasionally giving me negative numbers. I taught it the error of it's ways and now everything looks groovy. I still need to test it in some good-sized crowds to verify the randomness of the random number generator though.

DJ Isobela was spinning for her usual Tuesday night show at the Savoy. Once again I filled in hosting for Kimala, she is supposed to be back next week. The music was especially good and that made for an incredibly relaxing time.

The Savoy Trio were playing; Squiffy on sax, guitar and trumpet; Ajay on piano and Parker on bass. My friend AC was there dancing with the lovely and talented Emedea. DJ Isobela played well well over her scheduled time, then we hung around and danced some more. Life is good.

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